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How should a line manager run a meeting with a member of staff whose work is below an acceptable level?
  • This is an informal meeting, not part of the formal capability process, which gives the line manager the chance to have a chat with the member of staff about the quality of their work.
  • The line manager should start off by explaining what the issues are and what the required standard is.
  • The manager should also try to find out if there are any background reasons (for instance, domestic problems or issues at work) that might account for the poor standard of the employee's work.
  • Bear in mind that if the line manager thinks the member of staff is ill, they can refer the member of staff, with their agreement, to occupational health. The line manager should remind the individual that the organisation offers an independent and confidential counselling service.
  • The line manager should discuss with the member of staff whether some training would be helpful.
  • An action plan to achieve the required improvements in the individual’s performance should be agreed, based on the line manager's previously prepared draft.
  • This should include a clear statement of the standards to be addressed, a realistic timescale for achieving them, details of any training programme, provision for regular monitoring meetings and details of how performance will be monitored.
  • The line manager also needs to inform the member of staff that if they fail to meet the required standards within the period set, that the line manager may have to start the formal process in the future.
  • The line manager should confirm everything in writing to the member of staff after the meeting (see the letter templates under related documents).
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