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A member of staff started working with a line manager about six weeks ago. So far they have not managed to complete any of the tasks set. What should the line manager do?
  • The line manager can use the capability procedure to deal with the poor performance of any member of staff. The first thing to do is review whether their induction training was adequate.
  • The line manager should have an informal meeting with the member of staff to find out if they are experiencing any problems with the role. They can then work with the member of staff to try to resolve the problems. The line manager should keep file notes of these meetings.
  • The line manager should also think about referring the employee to Occupational Health, with their agreement, if the line manager thinks that there is a health issue.
  • If the member of staff cannot identify any particular problems that are affecting their work then the line manager should explain the ways in which their performance is not yet meeting the standard the line manager requires.
  • The line manager should also discuss a programme for future training, if appropriate. The meeting should be conducted in a positive and constructive way so that the member of staff feels encouraged, rather than criticised.
  • At the end of the meeting, the line manager needs to compile:
    • An action plan with a clear statement of the standards to be addressed 
    • A realistic timescale for achieving them - ranging from 1-3 months, timescales may be longer or shorter depending on the nature of the employee's duties.
    • Details of any training programme
    • Provision for regular monitoring meetings
    • Details of how performance will be monitored.

The line manager should monitor their performance using the Personal Development Plan and Appraisal Form in conjunction with their KSF profile.

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