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How does a line manager prepare for a meeting (whether formal or informal) with a member of staff about their poor performance?
  • Whether the meeting is on a formal or informal basis, a line manager needs to be prepared for it. (See Capability Policy)
  • This means they need to gather all relevant information in advance of the meeting, such as past appraisals, personal development plans, the job description, the person specification, and the KSF outline. 
  • The manager should think about what an acceptable standard would be and how it would be explained to them, as well as thinking about what questions the individual may ask and/or the reasons they might put forward to explain their poor performance.
  • They should also think about the examples that are going to be used to illustrate that the member of staff may be underperforming. These should be objective and based on hard evidence.
  • They should also consider what training could be offered.
  • They should also seek guidance from the HR Consultancy to help set objectives for the member of staff 
  • The line manager should draft an action plan in advance, which should include:
    • A clear statement of the standards to be addressed 
    • A realistic timescale for improving
    • Details of any training programmes
    • Provision for regular monitoring meetings
    • Details of how performance will be measured.
  • Line managers do not need a representative from HR with them at the informal stage or initial formal stages. Please note that employees have the right to be accompanied at any stage of the formal procedure only.
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