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A member of staff seems incapable of doing their job. The line manager has had an informal chat and set them a number of targets, but they have failed to meet any of them. What does the line manager have to do now?
  • First of all, did the line manager warn the individual that failure might lead to formal action?
  • Having had a series of informal review meetings with the member of staff which have not had the desired effect, the line manager may now have to start the formal capability procedure.
  • The line manager should write to the individual advising a formal meeting will be held with them about their performance, inform them of the date and time for the meeting (consider hours of work, convenient time for the manager, the employee and the service), and advise that they may be accompanied by someone if they wish.
  • Enclose any relevant documentary evidence that may be relied on (such as the action plan).
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