Additional Childcare/Carer Support

If you are asked to, or volunteer to work additional or amended hours in response to the current Blood Stocks Incident and or are required to work on the day of Queen Elizabeth II State Funeral on 19th September 2022, you now have the option to be able to claim for any additional caring costs incurred for dependants.

This means any caring costs that are over and above what you paid prior to the incident and that have increased directly because of work that you are carrying out to support the incident.

This support is being offered as a direct recognition of the support and dedication that is being shown by our colleagues throughout this difficult time in order to support our overarching goal of saving and improving patient lives.

Financial support (which is subject to tax and national insurance) is available in these situations on a temporary basis for the duration of the period in which your dependants care is directly affected as a result of work you are carrying out to support the incident. 

This is subject to continual review from both yourself and your manager.

You can access this document for Additional Information on this benefit and can use this form to Claim these Payments.