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As a minimum all job vacancies must be advertised internally (i.e. to those working within NHSBT) on NHS Jobs and in NHSBT's Vacancies Bulletin which is available on the intranet and is updated by Wednesday lunchtime on a weekly basis. This includes posts that are to be filled on a permanent, fixed-term / temporary or secondment basis. Exceptions to this must be agreed with a senior member of the Recruitment team, who can be contacted via your recruitment contact or HR Direct.

Exceptionally other media can be used for external adverts.  Please discuss your requirements with your recruitment contact.

Vacancies which are identified as being relevant to redeployees will be published on NHS Jobs on the Internal Restricted Vacancies Area in the first instance before being released to wider advertising. 

We recommend you use the suggested NHS Jobs application questions, which will be mandatory for the applicant to answer when completing their application.  The answers will help you to assess the quality of the applicant when shortlisting. We will assist you with setting the NHS Jobs application questions as part of your commissioning meeting

Additionally for those posts that require a driving licence or professional qualification we will use blocking questions in NHS Jobs to filter out applicants who do not have these.

Priority Status for Redeployees

We have a moral and legal duty to try and find alternative employment for employees who are on the redeployment register.  Each week we will compare the vacancies submitted for advertising against the register.  Vacancies which are identified as being relevant to redeployees will be advertised on NHS Jobs on the Internal Restricted Vacancies Area in the first instance.  All other vacancies will be released to normal recruitment advertising. 

Redeployees will need to demonstrate in their application / interview how they meet the essential criteria for the role.  Consideration will be given to whether a redeployee could be reasonably expected to acquire or meet the required criteria in a reasonable period of time. If a redeployee does not match the criteria in their application / Interview, the recruiting manager must provide justification, stating their reasons in writing to the Recruitment and Resourcing Department for ratification before the decision is confirmed to the redeployee. 

If you are unable to appoint a redeployee to your vacancy it will be released for wider advertising. 

All redeployees who are not shortlisted or unsuccessful at interview may request feedback from you as the recruiting manager. 

Your recruitment contact will guide you through the priority process for redeployees.

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