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2008 Pensions Act: auto-enrolment

To help people save more for their retirement, the government now requires employers, including NHSBT, to enrol their workers into a workplace pension scheme. This applies to those who aren’t already in a pension scheme and who:

  • Earn over a minimum amount (£10,000 a year/£833.33 a month – 2017/18 values)
  • Are aged 22 or over
  • Are under state pension age
  • Work or usually work in the UK.

Implementation: May 2013

Implementation of this change in law applies to employers in stages dependent on the size of their workforce - the staging date for NHSBT was 1 May 2013. All existing staff were assessed on 1 May 2013 and have been sent written confirmation of their assessment, as required by the legislation.

Existing staff: from May 2013 onwards

Existing staff, who did not meet the criteria on 1 May 2013, will continue to be assessed and will be auto-enrolled into a workplace pension scheme if they meet the above criteria. Those affected will be auto-enrolled into either the NHS Pension Scheme or National Employment Savings Trust (NEST). You can choose to opt-out but if you stay in, you will have your own pension which you will get when you retire.  

Which workplace pension scheme you are enrolled into will depend on your own circumstances. If you are entitled to join the NHS Pension Scheme, you will be auto-enrolled into that scheme. If not, you will be auto-enrolled into the NEST pension scheme. The NEST pension scheme is only for individuals who are not entitled to join the NHS Pension Scheme.

New staff: from May 2013 onwards

New members of staff, joining NHSBT after 1 May 2013, who are entitled to, will join the NHS Pension Scheme on commencement.  However membership is voluntary so if you do not wish to join, or remain in, the NHS Pension Scheme you can choose to opt-out. 

Make sure you fully understand the benefits you are giving up before completing form SD502 to opt-out.  Form SD502 is available from the NHS Business Services Authority; Members hub; Options on leaving the scheme; 'Opting out' section

If you are not entitled to join the NHS Pension Scheme then you will be assessed and may be auto-enrolled into the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)

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