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The purpose of the BAME Network is to support NHSBT in its strategic objectives to save and improve patient lives and to help NHSBT to be a great place to work, by utilising the skills and resources of its Black Asian and Minority Ethnic employees in order to add value to the organisation.

The network has an external facing role – supporting NHSBT to address the lack of  BAME donors and internal facing role – supporting NHSBT to progress workforce race equality. The network will be a source of information for new and existing BAME employees on career pathways and  development opportunities – NHSBT wide. Currently the BAME Network steering group comprises of a cross representative group of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic employees from across NHSBT.


Goals and Objectives

The BAME Network will: 

  • Provide a resource for the organisation to encourage, educate and constructively challenge
  • Act as a support and advisory group to BAME colleagues and non BAME colleagues
  • Support the organisation to attract, recruit and retain talented BAME staff and BAME donors

Memorandum of understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding is between all BAME employees that comprise of the BAME Network Steering Group and other NHSBT BAME colleagues that join the network in the future.

Roles and Responsibilities

The BAME Network is accountable for: 

  • Fostering collaboration
  • Removing any potential barriers to the network’s successful delivery, adoption and use
  • Maintaining at all times the focus of the network on the agreed scope, outcomes and benefits
  • Monitoring and managing the factors outside the network's control that are critical to its success 
  • The network is accountable to the EDWG, NHSBT’s Executive team and NHSBT Board.

Each network steering group member will act as a lead for specific workstreams and will have accountability for specific workstreams depending on their area of interest and area of expertise and will report back to the
network on the progress of each workstream before each meeting.

Membership of the group

The group will have cross directorate representation i.e. representation from each service area, Blood Supply, ODT, DTS , Finance, Workforce, Clinical, ICT, Marketing and Communications representatives.There will be a review of the role of the chair and vice chair on an annual basis.

Members of the BAME Network will commit to:

  • Attending all scheduled network meetings
  • Champion the network within and outside of work areas
  • Share all communications and information across BAME Network members
  • Make timely decisions and take action so as to not hold up any particular workstreams/projects
  • Notifying members of the network as soon as practicable and before each network meeting if any matter arises which may be deemed to affect the development of the network
  • Nominate a proxy if a member cannot attend
  • If a member of the network does not attend meetings on three consecutive occasions without mitigating circumstances and fails to notify the chair/vice chair of the network then network members reserve the right to vote to decide whether the member remains as part of the network

Our Priorities

The priorities of the BAME Network fall into 3 broad categories: (1) Education and Engagement of BAME communities; (2) Workforce and (3) Partnerships and Collaboration. The Network Steering Group has established 3 workstreams to focus on delivery of our priorities which support the strategic objectives of NHSBT.


1. Education and Engagement of BAME Communities i.e. Organ/Blood/Stem Cell donation - Workstream Lead - Dapo Odumeru

Donor Ambassador Programme

  • Link with and Support Inclusivity Marketing Group
  • Link with and support Strategic Marketing (BAME organ donation & campaigns)

Make best use of links- leaders and groups within communities organise workshops, talks, discussion groups: 

  • Faith organisations
  • Youth organisations
  • Social organisations
  • Visit schools tap into Anthony Nolan
  • Support marketing with presentations
  • Link into Marketing calendar to support events
  • Real Network Influences – Building relationships and reputation.
  • Awareness Programmes linking what NHSBT does to support other countries.
  • International links – one love one

Tap into BAME communities: 

  • donor / patient perspective – story telling

2. Workforce - Workstream Lead: Jazz Sehmi

  • Recruitment and retention of new and existing BAME employees
  • Attraction of BAME communities to work for NHSBT – employer of choice for BAME applicants
  • Support positive action initiatives – external events
  • Network to support recruitment panels.
  • Buddy/mentor support for new BAME staff joining NHSBT
  • Mentoring and coaching of new and existing BAME staff
  • Promotion of career development opportunities eg Shine Framework/Job opportunities
  • Education: Workforce / Race Equality Standard positive action vs positive discrimination across NHSBT workforce – line managers
  • Voice of BAME employees
  • Developing an inclusive culture
  • Open days/presentations of BAME Network
  • Use of Your Voice/workforce statistics to reinforce issues
  • Role models
  • Secondment opportunities
  • Sponsorship- Exec Directors
  • Unconscious bias training - recruitment

3. Partnerships and Collaboration - Workstream Lead: Zeeshan Asghar

  • Working with and supporting Partnerships Manager - Zeeshan Asghar
  • Forge links with new and existing organisations that can support NHSBT in its strategic aims and objectives eg lack of BAME donors
  • Partnerships with other charities
  • UK black churches
  • Gap analysis exercise/ mapping of existing organisations

Link into the following orgs:

  • Afiya Trust
  • Black Training and Enterprise Group
  • British Youth Council
  • Faith Action
  • Partnerships with other NHS trusts
  • Voluntary Action
  • Rota.org.uk
  • Fire Service
  • Kwanis
  • Black Police Association

Tap into BAME communities: 

  • donor patient perspective – story telling

How to Join

Please complete the online registration form to register with the BAME network.

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