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Carry-over of Annual Leave

The carry-forward of annual leave is temporarily increased to two weeks, rather than the normal limit of one week. This is to support those colleagues where, due the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible in 2019/20, and may not be possible in 2020/21, to take all annual leave. This arrangement may be used in discussion with your manager to manage your leave across the current leave year and next.

It continues to be important for your own health and well-being you can take regular breaks, and NHSBT is encouraging everyone to retain and take their leave so far as possible.  It’s essential during this time Managers support their teams with this and help to facilitate employees, as much as possible, to spread their annual leave out during the leave year.  Consideration should be given to enabling everyone to take one week of their leave every three months, wherever possible.  These discussions should continue throughout the year to minimise the accumulation of annual leave towards the end of the leave year.

Carry-forward of annual leave will continue to be in agreement with, and approval by your Manager, in the usual way.

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