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Since the NHSBT convalescent plasma programme began, there has been significant activity undertaken to secure the people needed in order to build up capacity so that we can rapidly supply hospitals with plasma if the trial is shown to be effective.

Set out below is a list of the different sources and how these operate, together with a other relevant information that we have collated for you based on the feedback so far with cohort 1.

Check the headings below for sources of workers:

NHS Professionals - Donor Carers and Nurse bank workers

NHS Professionals (NHSP) is not a staffing agency, they are a managed service provider owned by the Department of Health, currently working with 53 NHS Partner Trusts.  They are working with us to provide this short-term resource.

NHS Professionals candidate checks

All NHSP workers need to have completed the following to enable them to continue working:

  • NHSP Online Mandatory Training – 13 modules to complete which need to be completed in full.
  • Completed DBS application form in full and provide relevant documents if requested. 
  • Occupational Health – All required evidence provided as directed by NHSP

If your candidate is not appearing on the NHS Professionals system to allow them to be booked into shifts, please ask them to contact NHS Professionals to confirm all of the above have been completed. 

Undertaking Venepuncture (VP)

NHS Professionals (NHSP) Position - NHSP have asked that all their workers are provided with Hep B vaccinations locally at our donor centres if the individual has not already had the immunisation.  This is particularly important in relation to progressing any NHSP workers onto VP training as no NHSP workers can commence VP training without receiving their first Hep B vaccination. NHSP will provide details of who needs to be vaccinated to NHSBT Immunisation Programme and hold all records after vaccination.  See section on Immunisation.

Important - Only when it is confirmed by the vaccinating nurse that the individual has had their first vaccination can the DCM start the worker on the venepuncture training

 For Cohort 1 (Tooting, Edgware and WEDC) & Cohort 2 venepuncture has not been specified as a requirement however if you feel that the worker would have the skills to undertake venepuncture and they are willing we can start them on the training, provided you have contacted NHSP OH regarding Hep B vaccinations. 

For Cohort 3 (London pop ups and backfill) – they have been informed that venepuncture is a requirement both prior to interview and at interview so they should be fully aware and willing to undertake venepuncture but again you will need to contact NHSP OH regarding Hep B vaccinations.

Booking shifts and approving timesheets
You will receive training in NHSP’s Our-bank system prior to your bank workers commencing at the Donor Clinic.  You don’t need to input any shifts for their training, prior to them commencing with you as these will be picked up by the training team as you will not be aware of the dates these have been worked.  The training is based on an average of 5 days work from 9 to 3. Please click here to see a screenshot of NHSP’s Our-bank homepage and the link can be found at https://bank.nhsp.uk/login and note the following:- 

  • Shifts need to be booked on in advance. As soon as you know your requirements, they need to be input on the system      
  • Where you have a worker that has agreed to work particular shifts, they can be put on as a Direct Booking.
  • Once the worker has worked the shift you need to authorise this in a timely manner (timesheet only visible after the end time of the request) ideally actioning daily (to avoid build up)
  • It is important to note that after the timesheet has been authorised the worker, will then need time to release by the weekly cut-off (Sunday midnight),  for pay the following Friday. 
  • Please Note - NHSP system users who also work bank shifts via NHSP should not be authorising their own Timesheets.

The User Guide for Our-bank can be found here 

Authorising Timesheets

It has been raised that it is difficult to authorise the timesheet as at close of play on Sunday.  Your worker will have been informed that weekend shifts may need to be authorised and paid in the next pay cycle.  NHSP recommend that you authorise all shifts as at close of play Friday and include the authorisation of weekend shifts for the week after.  Please speak to your NHSP worker to let them know if this is how you intend to undertake the approvals going forward. 

We are allowed additional systems users who will be able to access the system, input the shifts and authorise the timesheets. You will be contacted to ask for the names and email addresses for your deputies to be able to use the system.  If you require more colleagues to be added later please contact NHSP direct.

Workers Hours

All NHSP workers have been informed that they will be required on a full-time basis so please ensure that they are rostered to work full-time unless you have mutually agreed for them to work less than full-time hours.

Issues with conduct or performance
If there are conduct or performance issues, go to this link which will open up a form for you to complete and submit online. Further guidance can be found on this link

Claiming Expenses

  • The worker would complete a paper based form which can be found on NHSP’s intranet - approved expenses form
  • You will then need to signed this as their designated manager
  • This form will need to be sent by post to NHS Professionals, NHS SBS Southampton, 922 Team Waterside House Town Quay, Southampton SO14 2NH for processing for payment.

Please note – it is recommended that you keep a copy of these paper forms

Taking Annual Leave

Annual leave is calculated as per NHS Professionals guidelines which can be found on this link

When requesting annual leave, NHS professional colleagues also need to follow the NHSBT normal practice.  This is:

  •  You are advised to consider spreading your annual leave out across the time you are with NHSBT to ensure that you feel the maximum benefit to your own wellbeing, as well as considering others within your location/department, and operational requirements.
  • You will need to provide your manager with reasonable notice, considering operational requirements such as existing rostering or shift patterns.  At a minimum this should be two weeks before leave is taken
  • Each department will have a robust local agreed procedure that ensures fairness and transparency for everyone.
  • It will normally set out details such as ‘how many people may be off at any one time’ etc. Ask your manager about this.

Returners to NHSBT – Donor Carers and Nurses

We have a number of ex-colleagues, Nurses and Donor Carers, who were already on, or have joined the NHSBT internal Bank. They could have joined by various routes i.e. Direct Hire or NHSBT Deployment.  Please note the following:-

  • For nurses the usual EASY claim and authorisation process will apply.
  • Where your Donor Centre/team is live on NextraSoft e-rostering, then those who have returned by Direct Hire to your DC/team should be rostered and paid via NextraSoft.
  • All other Donor Carers and Team Assistants the usual EASY claim and authorisation process will apply. 
  • More detailed information is available on the People First page.

A user guide for EASY can be found here.

All ex-colleagues should access My ESR for their mandatory training.

Claiming Expenses

NHSBT Bank Workers claim expenses they are entitled to through their EASY account – follow link to Easy.  Claims must be in line with the NHSBT Travel and Expenses Policy and AFC eligible mileage calculation. Grey fleet registration must be in place before any claims for mileage can be made.  See  https://peoplefirst.nhsbt.nhs.uk/People%20First%20-%20Document%20Library/HR/Policy%20-%20Travel%20and%20Expenses.pdf


Furloughed or reduced hours workers – Donor Carers and Nurses

This includes EasyJet, Eastern Airways, Superdrug, TUI and National Institute of Health Research. 

All furlough workers under this scheme are not paid or employed by NHSBT; they have been seconded to NHSBT as part of the Cabinet Office Industry Partnering Voluntary Scheme (IPVS).  An agreement will be in place (at the time of the appointment) between the furlough workers main employer (Industry Partner) and NHSBT. This will act as a secondment agreement. A copy of the individuals section of this agreement will be sent to the line manager when finalised/signed by all parties.  As they are not employed by NHSBT you do not need to complete the usual starter paperwork. Please note:

  • Welcome, induct and manage a furlough worker or secondee in the same way that you would when recruiting in any other way
  • The furloughed workers contract of employment will remain with their existing employer (e.g. EasyJet, Eastern Airlines, Superdrug or TUI)
  • Pre-employment clearances are in place (we have a declaration from their existing employer to cover this for NHSBT)
  • IPVS is in place until 30th June and can be extended if furlough period is extended (can be terminated sooner; detailed will be in the secondment agreement; which will be provided to the operational manager when signed/returned)
  • Secondment agreement will end once the furlough arrangements end
  • Working hours/shifts must be agreed with the furlough worker on their start date by the operational manager
  • They should claim any expenses through their existing employer. Their employer will then invoice NHSBT for the monies.
  • They will book annual leave and report sickness absence through their existing employer and through their NHSBT manager
  • They are informed that if they experience any problems they should discuss this initially with their NHSBT line manage/DCM or contact the email – NHSPlasma@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Claiming Expenses

  • For NIHR, Superdrug, TUI and Eastern Airways – the individual needs to claim the following expenses via their normal company systems. Their employer will then invoice NHSBT monthly, which will be reimbursed.
  • For EasyJet – the individual needs to respond to the email they will have received to confirm the expected weekly expenses. This will then be reviewed and authorised with EasyJet. Once authorised, EasyJet will arrange for this to be paid each month (from the start and end dates of their seconded role with us). EasyJet will then invoice NHSBT monthly, which will be reimbursed.
  • What expenses can be claimed?
    • Receipted actual direct cost of items such as parking, tolls and public transport use 
    • Mileage at HMRC AMAPs (approved mileage allowance payments) for mileage travelled in their own car from their home to/from the Donor Centre or collection session. The rates are;
Mileage Claims Covid 19

Bring Back Staffing (BBS) Scheme – Donor Carers and Nurses

NHS England and NHS Improvement are facilitating processes to enable recent leavers and retired  professional staff to re-join the NHS workforce, through nationally and locally co-ordinated BBS processes. BBS undertake all of the necessary pre-employment checks for people through to route to start. NHSBT then interview and if successful, they will be employed on a bank basis. Please note the following

For information on using EASY use our EASY Guide

Sanctuary Health - Nurse agency workers

Sanctuary Health are a recruitment agency supplying NHSBT via the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework which agencies must be a member of to supply various NHS trusts nationally.  The nurses will be managed by NHSBT but will be employed by Sanctuary Health. 

Timesheets and Payroll
Sanctuary use an online timesheet system.  They will contact you to get you set up to approve each candidates hours online.  This is a really simple system to use and you will receive log in details which you can use to log on and approve any hours that have been submitted.  A candidate will submit their hours at the end of each week and an email will be generated which will go to you to check the hours are correct, click approve and the hours will be confirmed. 

Issues with conduct or performance
If there are issues regarding any of the nurses supplied please contact Ed Stevens (email - E.Stevens@sanctuaryhealth.com or telephone 07520634195) in the first instance.  He will then escalate this to his compliance team or clinical governance lead wherever needed.  If there are any general queries with timesheets or working hours etc, again please contact Ed Stevens. 

Claiming Expenses
If any travel is undertaken the Sanctuary worker will claim these expenses via the online timesheet portal and you as the manager will be notified when anything has been submitted, so you can log on, check and approve. 

Training, welcome and IT access for all new starters

All new recruits have access to and been requested to complete the relevant corporate mandatory training via Shine. Role specific mandatory training is also allocated for completion before or at the beginning in role onsite.

A member of the People Directorate sends a daily list to IT to set up NHSBT accounts for new starters.  This will need to be activated by them when they start at the Donor Centre and are able to access an NHSBT PC.

Training for Donor Carers

Training for this post will be provided by a blended approach of digital, on-line and face to face training.  Details of the training can be found here as a presentation. You can also see the training our new Donor Carers will be having by clicking here

Programme for simulation day can be found here

To support new recruits to consolidate their skills, you might want to enable this group of workers to focus on particular tasks until they have mastered the skills needed, before moving onto another. For example: welcome, registration and reconciliation; screening and HB using Hemocue; or DC set and take down of Trima machine. Down time within the centre can also be used to move the donor carers around to ‘practice’ the skills and to complete observations and assessments.  

Links training packages provided to new workers.

Please see details of assessment and observations HERE 

Venepuncture Training

We are still awaiting the confirmed timeframe for the VP training, which will include the theory, simulated practice, live experience and assessment.

Training for Nurses

Day one on arrival on site – please treat the Nurses as you would for any new recruit, introducing them to the team and giving them an orientation round the centre, covering where everything is, access, fire exits etc. The regional nursing trainer will make contact on day one and arrange the skype meetings and training sessions with them from day two onwards, coordinating with you on how they should spend their time. On day one we would also ask that they start to understand the donor journey through the centre, meet some donors and start to gain a basic insight into the blood, component and plasma collection processes. 

Nurse training
The full nurse training programme has been condensed for these new recruits to speed up their time to useful deployment. The first week is focussed on orientation and the basics, allowing them to operate as a 2nd line Nurse from week two onwards, working towards being able to perform full 1st line Nursing duties after week 4. Your regional nurse training contact will be able to give you more detail into the exact nature of the training week by week and where they might need your help. Please click here to see details of training provided

Mandatory training
They should come to you having completed their mandatory training before arrival. If for any reason they have not completed this, please can you set them to completing this on day one. 

Welcome pack
There should be an Antibody Angels Welcome Pack for each Nurse available from Monday the 11th.


The welcome pack includes a blank badge to write their name on.


Every Convalescent Plasma Clinic will receive a delivery of Teal Blue T-shirts with the NHSBT logo on 11th or 12th May ranging in size from Small to 4 x extra large. These are the uniform for the new Donor Carer staff and each staff member should be given 3 t-shirts. If more t-shirts are needed or any additional uniform, DCMs should contact Abigail Curtis as soon as possible at abigail.curtis@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Donor Carers

  • DCs will be provided with a T-shirt to wear on session and will provide their own smart blue/black trousers and wipeable, enclosed, smart black shoes.
  • NHSBT “antibody angel” welcome packs made up of an antibody Angels T-shirt, Lanyard and badge tag (where colleagues can write their own name), tote bag and notepad have been delivered between 5th and 11th May for the new starters.
  • DC starters are permitted to wear the teal antibody angel t-shirts on session if desired.


  • Superdrug nurses are permitted to wear their own navy Superdrug nursing uniforms provided they have sufficient to wear one and wash one.
  • All other nurses will have an NHSBT uniform ordered as well as a generic NHSBT session sister/session charge nurse badge, if their uniform has not arrived, please contact Abigail Curtis. 

Please note that all donor centre colleagues can have a t-shirt.


Hep B Vaccinations

It is the policy of NHSBT is to ensure that colleagues are adequately protected against Hepatitis B, and as appropriate, TB and other relevant transmissible infections. As such NHSBT strongly advise that all colleagues working in a donor centre and mobile team, with the exception of individuals working on triage, receive the Hep B vaccination. Hepatitis B vaccinations for colleagues within Blood Donation are undertaken by a qualified vaccinator within NHSBT. The same applies for the follow-up blood sampling.

NHS Professionals (NHSP) Position - NHSP have asked that all their workers are provided with Hep B vaccinations locally at our donor centres if the individual has not already had the immunisation.  This is particularly important in relation to progressing any NHSP workers onto VP training as no NHSP workers can commence VP training without receiving their first Hep B vaccination. NHSP will provide details of who needs to be vaccinated to NHSBT Immunisation Programme and hold all records after vaccination.

The process for progressing NHSP staff to Hep B is as follows:

  1. DCMs to provide a list of individuals who are progressing to VP training (as these will be priority) and send the list to NHSBT Immunisation Programme at  ‘Immunisation Programme’ 
  2. The Imms Programme will arrange vaccinations, sending all vaccines, consumables and paperwork to vaccination nurses, as per current NHSBT Immunisation Programme process.
  3. Immunisation Programme will liaise with the on-site vaccinator nurse to confirm who will be vaccinated and when
  4. Vaccinator Nurse and person vaccinated complete consent form at time of vaccination.  This will need to be scanned back to Immunisation Programme
  5. NHSBT Immunisation Programme will manage follow-up vaccinations along the 3 vaccine/6month programme 

Important - Only when it is confirmed by the vaccinating nurse that the individual has had their first vaccination can the DCM start the worker on the venepuncture training

For Staff Returning to NHSBT Position – NHSBT will still hold any immunisation records therefore the process for progressing to vaccination if required is the same as above.

Other Resource Providers Position - For other Convalescent Plasma staff we will also offer Hep B vaccinations, particularly where the individual wants to progress to VP training. It is unlikely that these staff have been vaccinated as part of their substantive role unless indicated by the individual.  We are exploring with these providers what evidence can be shown of previous vaccinations and will update on the process shortly. Until the process is resolved these staff cannot progress to vaccination.

Sanctuary workers are all subject to occupational health checks which include Hep B, MMR, Varicella and TB as standard.  

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