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A - Z of Wellbeing and Tool Kit Resources

A-Z Book


  • Happiness - Download the happiness to-do list here. Action for Happiness.
  • Health and Wellbeing Links - To find out more about our H&W Links scheme, please click here
  • Health clinics - To be confirmed.
  • Healthy eating - To find out more about healthy eating, please click here. Find out what counts as one of your 5-a-day here.
  • Heart Age Self-assessment Tool - Find out your 'heart age' using this self-assessment tool
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination programme - For further information please click here. Blood Donation colleagues can access their hepatitis B vaccinations and blood tests through Blood Donation vaccinator nurses.
  • Holiday wellbeing - Details about healthy holidays and activities is available here.
  • Household budgeting - Details on how to set up a good budget are available here. See also, ‘Debt and Mental Health’, 'Employee Advisory Programme' and 'Managing Money'.
  • Hydration - To find out more about the importance of staying hydrated, please click here. Water, drinks and your health. What is dehydration?

I, J, K and L

  • Jext Auto Injector (How to Use a)
  • Legal advice - Free and confidential legal advice is available via our EAP service here
  • Lifestyle Checker - Free online questionnaire to see how healthy you are, and what you can do to get healthier
  • Lighten Up - A new resilience training programme, which will be rolled out across NHSBT in the coming months.

M, N, O and P

  • Managing money - Details on how to manage your money are available here. See also, ‘Debt and Mental Health’, 'Employee Advisory Programme', 'Money Worries?' and 'Household budgeting'.
  • Mental health - Information looking after your mental health poster and newsletter. To understand more about living with mental health, please click here. Mental health awareness factsheet. Mental health at work booklet. Help to make behavioural changes regarding mental health worries - click here. Samaritans. MIND. Time to Change. SANE. Rethink. Mental Health Support.
  • Money worries? - Are money worries affecting your health? Find out and get some advice here. See also, ‘Debt and Mental Health’, 'Employee Advisory Programme', ‘Financial Advice’, 'Household Budgeting' and 'Managing Money'.
  • Mood Self-assessment - Feeling low, anxious or panicky? Use this tool to check your mood and get advice on what might help.
  • Mood Zone - Information and advice on anxiety, stress and depression can be found here. See also, ‘depression’.
  • National Heart Month - This campaign is led by the British Heart Foundation. For more details please click here
  • Occupational Health - To find out more about our Occupational Health service, please click here
  • Panic Attacks - Quick tips on dealing with panic attacks. See also, 'Anxiety'.
  • Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy is available through OH, dependant on a set of criteria for all colleagues. Details are available here
  • Prostate cancer - Information about recognising and dealing with testicular and prostate cancer is available here. Factsheet.

Q, R, S and T

  • Relaxation - Hints and tips on improving your relaxation are available here and tips on relaxing at your desk can be found here. Quick tips for relaxation. See also 'Desk exercises'.
  • Resilience - What is Resilience? Find out what your resilience is, and how to improve it using the RobertsonCooper i-resilience survey. See also, 'Employee Advisory Programme', 'Lighten Up' and 'Mental Health'.
  • Salt - Tips on cutting down the salt in your diet.
  • Self-Assessment Tools - Access a number of different NHS Self-assessment Health Tools
  • Sexual Health - Information about sexual health can be found here.
  • Shift and Night Workers
  • Sleep - Tips on getting a good night's sleep can be viewed here a factsheet about improving your sleep hygiene can be found here. NHS Sleep Self-Assessment Tool. Quick tips on sleep and mental health.
  • Smoking Cesstation - Accessing help and information on how to stop smoking is available here. Stop Smoking Calendar. Avoiding triggers and cravings factsheet. Healthy snacking factsheet. Smoking and stress factsheet. NHS Stop Smoking to prevent Cancer.
  • Stress - Stress management tools - click here. See also, 'Mental Health', 'Disability Advocates', 'Resilience', 'Relaxation', and 'Mood Zone'.
  • Suicide - Information about getting help if you or someone else have had suicidal thoughts.
  • Sun safety - Hints and tips on staying safe in the sun. Sun safety factsheet. Sun safety poster. Sun sense and skin cancer factsheet.
  • Testicular Cancer - Information about recognising and dealing with testicular and prostrate cancer is available here. See also, 'Prostrate Cancer'.
  • Trauma - A self help guide on how to deal with a traumatic incident can be downloaded here. See also, 'Employee Assistance Programme'.

U, V, W, X, Y and Z

  • Unstuck - Hints and tips on getting past 'stuck moments' in your life / work can be viewed here 
  • Walking - To understand more about the benefits of walking and how to start doing more, please click herehere and here
  • Wellpoint Kiosks - Kiosks in centres provide you with the opportunity to receive a free health check. The kiosks have now finished their first circuit of the country. 
  • Women's Health - Information about woman's health can be found here.
  • Work-life balance - Our factsheet on how to improve your work life balance and create a healthier you is available here.
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