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Health Assessments


Health assessments are a way in which we aim to protect the health and wellbeing of NHSBT colleagues.

Some job roles involve potential health hazards, such as working in noisy environments or with hand cleansing chemicals, or could be dangerous if an episode of ill-health occurs, such as night working, or driving roles.

Consequently, health assessments are offered to all colleagues in roles which require it.

  • Driver medicals – offered to all colleagues who drive within Transport and Blood Donation as a way to ensure that there are no ill-health issues which might affect an individual, or potentially cause a safety incident whilst driving an NHSBT vehicle.There are two types of driver medical: the wellbeing medical for all drivers of NHSBT vehicles, which is an online questionnaire, followed by a further assessment if required, and the mandatory driver medical for Group 2 drivers, which is a medical with an OH Physician.

These can be accessed by management referral on the OH portal by selecting the ‘Fitness for Task’ service line. 

  • Night Worker Assessment – offered to all colleagues who regularly work at night. These should be offered before an individual starts working at night and annually thereafter.

The assessment is accessed by management referral on the OH portal by selecting the ‘Fitness for Task’ service line.

If there are any potential issues found on the online questionnaires you will be asked to attend a further assessment.

  • Hand Surveillance – mandatory checking of the hands of colleagues who regularly use hand cleansing products as part of their job role, such as Donor Carers.

A baseline check should be done when the individual first starts working in the job role, and then a check should be done every 6 months to monitor any changes in skin condition.

If issues are seen in between the mandatory checks, ad hoc hand mapping forms should be completed, following the hand surveillance process and keeping the situation monitored regularly until the hands clear up.

Referral to occupational health should only be done if the hands do not clear up following a change of hand cleansing products or they clear up but then the symptoms return.

  • Audiometry Testing – this is offered to colleagues who work with very noisy equipment, such as bone grinders, for long periods of time.


  • myOHportal.co.uk– online referral portal for managers to refer colleagues for an appointment. To access this you will need to request for an account to be set up by contacting HR Direct
  • Optima Health helpline – call 0845 601 8029 and OH experts will support you on all types of issues including health-related absences. Optima Health can also be contacted by email using nhsbt@ohassist.com
  • Sharpsline - call 0845 371 0572 if you have had a needle stick injury or contact with blood and require assistance. This service is available around the clock, every day.

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