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It is the policy of NHSBT is to ensure that colleagues are adequately protected against hepatitis B, and as appropriate, TB and other relevant transmissible infections. In addition, all new NHSBT colleagues who work with patients will undergo occupational health clearance to reduce the risk of transmission of TB, rubella, varicella and measles to patients.

Occupational Health carry out all immunisations and immunisation checks on behalf of NHSBT, except for hepatitis B vaccinations for colleagues within Blood Donation, which are undertaken by a qualified vaccinator within NHSBT. The same applies for the follow-up blood sampling.

All job roles which have contact with blood, organs, tissues or patients have been designated an immunisation requirement for either just hepatitis B or for the full NHS immunisation clearances (MMR, varicella, BCG).

This will be either ‘recommended’ or ‘discretionary’.

Full listing of the job role requirements can be found here


Flu Vaccination Campaign

Every autumn, NHSBT offers all colleagues the opportunity to receive a free influenza vaccination, as a way to help prevent the illness from spreading amongst the workforce, to family and friends and also to patients and donors.

 See the Flu Campaign page for more details.

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BD Hep B Programme

Vaccinator nurses and Senior Sisters within BD can place orders for hep B vaccines using the following link:


Only dates listed on the event are available for delivery of vaccines due to cold-chain requirements or availability of dispatch personnel.

Any queries regarding the process or to make amendments to an order already placed should be emailed through to the ‘Immunisation Programme’ inbox.


  • myOHportal.co.uk– online referral portal for managers to refer colleagues for an appointment. To access this you will need to request for an account to be set up by contacting HR Direct
  • Optima Health helpline – call 0845 601 8029 and OH experts will support you on all types of issues including health-related absences. Optima Health can also be contacted by email using nhsbt@ohassist.com
  • Sharpsline - call 0845 371 0572 if you have had a needle stick injury or contact with blood and require assistance. This service is available around the clock, every day.

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