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OH Plus is a new management referral service offered by Optima Health to help with the management of complex cases.

The benefits of OH plus have been identified as:

  • extended appointment time,
  • face to face or telephone
  • call between manager and OH Advisor (who will carry out the appointment with the individual) prior to the appointment,
  • additional help and support to progress difficult cases forward.

The call between the OH Advisor and the manager can only cover background information and cannot introduce new questions that the individual has not given consent to.

The time can be used immediately before or after the appointment or split between both if desired.

Examples of when an OH Plus referral may be appropriate are:

  • no progress since last OH report and no return to work date in sight, following several months of absence;
  • last OH report gave wrong advice and has potentially hindered the case;
  • employee does not to understand or acknowledge their problems and so normal referral may result in them saying they are fine or being unrealistically positive;
  • condition is highly complex and not well known, hence no-one is really sure of prognosis or impact on work;
  • individual is in dispute with OH advice, or OH advice has contradicted GP or specialist advice;
  • panel meeting is expected, but current advice is not clear one way or the other about medium/long term prognosis.

The appointment is arranged with the manager, and they will need to let the employee know their appointment date and time (approx. 15 minutes after the start of the call with the manager).

Employees should be made aware of the nature of the referral and that the manager will be speaking with the OH Advisor in advance of the appointment

Optima Health will forward any OH Plus referrals to authorised approvers prior to progressing the referral.

It is always advisable to add an HR Advisor as an ‘additional manager’ to any referral.

The service can be accessed under the ‘Performance and Attendance Management’ service line on the OH portal.

Please note if you do book an Occupational Health appointment there is a cost to the organisation for all appointments that are not attended. If for any reason you or the person you have organised the appointment on behalf of cannot attend, email nhsbt@ohassist.com at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment to avoid this charge.


  • myOHportal.co.uk– online referral portal for managers to refer colleagues for an appointment. To access this you will need to request for an account to be set up by contacting HR Direct
  • Optima Health helpline – call 0845 601 8029 and OH experts will support you on all types of issues including health-related absences. Optima Health can also be contacted by email using nhsbt@ohassist.com
  • Sharpsline - call 0845 371 0572 if you have had a needle stick injury or contact with blood and require assistance. This service is available around the clock, every day.

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