Document Library

Subject Area
  • Mandatory Training Policy

    Details of NHSBT's mandatory training policies and procedures.

  • Medical and Consultants Pay Circular

    Document containing pay award information for Medical staff. Includes salary information and information for allowances and other fees.

  • Mental Health Policy

    Provides details on self-care and support with mental health concerns.

  • On Call Agreement

    Information on who qualifies to join the on call agreement. Outlines which hours qualify as on call/call out and how to claim.

  • Organisational Change Policy

    Process to follow where organisational change is necessary.

  • Parents Policy

    Information on the support and types of leave available, when becoming a parent. It explains the different leave options available, the eligibility requirements, how to request it and when this may be taken. You should also refer to the supporting FAQs.

  • Parents Policy document

    Parents Policy document should be used along with the Parents Frequently asked questions document.

  • Pay Protection Policy

    Information for employees who are required to go through a contracted change. If this effects the employee's pay, the may be entitled to protection on their salary.