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Capability Checklist

  • Line managers should regularly discuss performance with all the members of the team and talk informally to any member of staff who they think is not performing to the standard required, and explain what those standards are.
  • If the line manager believes that the underperformance is associated with a suspected disability, they must refer staff to Occupational Health as soon as possible for further support and guidance. Consideration should be given to whether they need additional training to help them do their job.
  • If the individual has had a change in personal circumstances, the manager may suggest that they consider a change to their job description, or even redeployment to another job (as well as training).
  • Most matters of unsatisfactory performance can be resolved through a combination of monitoring, coaching and counselling.
  • The informal process must be followed at least once before invoking the formal capability procedure. Where, after reasonable opportunity for improvement, performance remains below the required standards, the manager should consider formal action.
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