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Employment Changes

Please note that any link which is denoted with an asterisk (*) will only be accessible with a successful NHSBT network connection through Citrix/NHSBT Desktop - as a result it may take a moment to load.

To action a change to an employment contract complete a contractual changes form*. For medical staff complete a contractual changes form-medics*.

Use this form to advise following changes:

  • Contracted hours
  • Nature of contract (E.g. Fixed Term, Maternity)
  • Pay allowances (E.g. shift conditions, HCA supplement, driving allowance)

For changes to job title, grade, location (base) or department/cost centre you will need to move the employee to a new position.

As part of the Hierarchy – New automated access process for EASY there is no longer the need to complete supervisor changes form for Easy. This means that for new joiners, leavers and people moving into new roles, access and approval levels will be actioned automatically based on the profile attached to their position and without the need for managers to complete any forms.  Once the approval access levels have been set up in the relevant systems a confirmation email will go out to the relevant Budget Manager, Line Manager and Employee.

You do have the ability to delegate approvals for Easy expenses – click here.

For any changes to timesheet approvals please contact HR Direct to discuss.

Defer incremental progression

Incremental pay progression may only be deferred in line with the Capability Policy. Ensure you speak to HR Direct before taking any action, then, once agreed - Click here* to defer pay progression.

Reverse a Resignation

If you agree to an employee changing their mind and allowing them to withdraw their resignation which has already been notified, click here* to reverse the resignation.

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