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Immunisation and Health Assessments

Certain roles require immunisations, health assessments or both.

Health Assessments:

Occupational Health will carry out Night Worker Assessments and Driver Medicals.

Driver Assessments must be arranged via OH Portal. The type of assessment required depends upon the types of vehicle being driven, the age of the driver and whether the vehicle class is already on the driver's licence or not, as per Occupational Health and Wellbeing MPD788.


Occupational Health carry out all immunisations with the exception of those for Blood Donation colleagues. These are arranged locally with the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team and a qualified vaccinator from within NHSBT. The same applies for the follow up blood sampling.

Relevant Documents

  • Vaccination Programmes and Pre Placement Immunisation Clearances MPD359
  • Administration of Seasonal Flu/Hepatitis B Vaccinations in Sessions and Centre Environments MPD809
  • Consent to Receive Hepatitis B Vaccine FRM4410
  • Medicines Management in NHSBT MPD599
  • Immunisation requirements for Job Roles


FAQ for Hepatitis B Vaccine Shortage

  • Frequently Asked Questions for Hepatitis B Vaccine Shortage

Hepatitis B Immunisation Status Questionnaire

If you have been asked to complete the questionnaire please click on the link below

Hepatitis B Questionnaire

If as part of completing the questionnaire you wish to op out of the programme please use the form below

Disclaimer Form

When the form is completed please email OH

Address to use – R.NHSBTImms@ohassist.com 

Please ensure your full name is in the ‘subject heading’ of the email e.g. Jo Bloggs or Jane Doe.

Status Checks Hepatitis B Immunisation Programme FAQ

Why am I being asked for this information ?

  • Information was corrupted on transfer between OH providers.  The data is secure but not accessible so cannot be reconciled with your records.

Why do I need to have a blood test ?

  • This is to ascertain your immunity status if you believe you have had a vaccination in the past or are unsure of your status. 
  • It is your choice whether you have this or not. If you decline this then you are opting out of the programme and will need to complete a disclaimer.

When and how will the sample be taken ?

  • Clinics are currently being arranged for September and October in centres and you will be invited to attend the closest to you, where a blood sample will be taken (4-6ml) and sent for testing.
  • This will take approximately 10 minutes.

Can I change my mind ?

  • Yes, you can opt out (signing and returning the disclaimer) or opt back in at any point. 
  • If you wish to return to the programme please notify your manager who can arrange for this to happen.

Will I be informed of my immunity status ?

  • Yes, OH will advise you of this in a letter once your sample has been tested and assessed.  It will also advise if any further action is required.
  • It is recommended you keep this letter safe for your own records, as it may be required by future employers, as confirmation of your immunity status. 
  • We are also looking to hold this information on ESR in the future which will mean it can be accessed from us by our OH provider and information transferred between NHS employers should you move to another NHS organisation and vice versa.
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