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Leadership as a Process

Leadership as a Process Talk 1 - Pathfinding

In this short talk, you'll begin to understand the different roles you may undertake when you are both managing and leading team members. You will begin to understand there is a tried and tested process to delivering great leadership based on the work of Stephen Covey. In this film, you'll begin to understand the process of 'Pathfinding' with your team and how to effectively get them on board with your vision of the future for both the team and customers you work with.


Leadership as a Process Talk 2: Alignment

In this talk, we discuss the key area of 'Alignment'. This is about considering are your team aligned to do the work you have set out to achieve? Have you got the right people and processes in place? What could be missing? This short film will allow you to reflect on some key questions in this important area of leadership and reconsider if you are truly aligned.



Leadership as a Process Talk 3 - Empowering

In this talk, we discuss about the importance of both supporting and empowering your team members to help you deliver on the required outputs of your team. It talks about what great leaders do in the area of empowerment of team members. The topics discussed in the film can be a great reminder of the elements needed within your team to enable your people from being good to being great.



 Leadership as a Process Talk 4 - Modelling and Summary

In this talk, we discuss about the importance of modelling your behaviour to meet the needs of both the team and the impact you may have with your customers. We look at what good modelling is and also summarise the other three areas of pathfinding, aligning and empowering to lead successfully.


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