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Mandatory Training During Coronavirus Pandemic

This section sets out changes to Mandatory Training during the coronavirus pandemic.  The changes will support colleagues and managers with balancing the current constraints presented by the COVID-19 outbreak and the need to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers / donors / patients. 

It is important that colleagues continue to complete mandatory training where possible but provides interim solutions as follows:

Refresher training – extended by 6 months from due date indicated in ESR*

New Starters or existing colleagues who have not previously completed training will be required to complete training before commencing activities.  If training is not completed then duties should be adjusted accordingly. 

Monthly reporting will continue but colleagues will have 6 months* to update their training from the date when it was due.

*Separate arrangements are in place for Adult Basic Life Support.


Q - I am a new starter – what training do I need to complete?

A - The mandatory training for your role will be identified in ESR. All training should be completed before undertaking the relevant activities.  Where this is not possible your duties should be adjusted accordingly

Q - I am an existing member of staff but have not previously completed some of the mandatory training identified for my role. Do I need to complete the training?

A - Yes, where there is an option to complete training by eLearning then this should be completed before commencing relevant activities. If eLearning is not an option then discuss with your manager how you can be trained in the required area or how to adjust your duties so that you are not undertaking activities for which you are not trained.

Q - My training due date has already expired – how long do I have before I need to complete refresher training?

A - Where possible you should complete your refresher training, however, where this is not possible this should be completed within 6 months of the due date. Patient and donor facing Healthcare Professionals to keep up to date where possible.


Q - My Adult Basic Life Support Training is due. How can I update my training? 

A - Adult Basic Life Support requires two elements of training – Face to Face and eLearning. A short term extension of 3 months for face to face training is in place however you are required to complete the eLearning element when this is due.

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