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Mandatory Training During Coronavirus Pandemic

Mandatory Training grace period ends 30th September

Please log on to MyESR to review your compliance and start planning time to get your training up to date by 1st October 2020. 

The six-month grace period from April to September was to allow flexibility for departments experiencing operational challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. Colleagues were encouraged to maintain their refresher compliance where on-line training was available.   

Our target level for mandatory training is 95%. Compliance stood at 89% at the beginning of April and has been maintained at 87% - thank you for maintaining this level through such a busy time for us all. 

Please log on to MyESR and check your compliance status and update training as required. Managers have been contacted about members of their team who need to do this.

New starters should complete all on-line training and where face-to-face training is not available, managers should review activities undertaken until training is available. 

Information on how to access the face to face training that is currently available

We are also reviewing the situation to enable getting back on track with PDPRs and will issue revised guidance shortly. 


Q - I am a new starter – what training do I need to complete?

A - The mandatory training for your role will be identified in ESR. All training should be completed before undertaking the relevant activities.  Where this is not possible your duties should be adjusted accordingly

Q - I am an existing member of staff but have not previously completed some of the mandatory training identified for my role. Do I need to complete the training?

A - Yes, where there is an option to complete training by eLearning then this should be completed before commencing relevant activities. If eLearning is not an option then discuss with your manager how you can be trained in the required area or how to adjust your duties so that you are not undertaking activities for which you are not trained.


Q - My Adult Basic Life Support Training is due. How can I update my training? 

A - Adult Basic Life Support requires two elements of training – Face to Face and eLearning. A short term extension of 3 months for face to face training is in place however you are required to complete the eLearning element when this is due. Further information will be communicated once practical sessions are available.

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