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Covid-19 NMC Revalidation

Date: 27 April 2020

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has granted extensions to the revalidation period of registered nurses and midwives whose revalidation falls between March and May 2020.

Those affected are being contacted by the NMC to advise of their new revalidation period. The extension to the renewal period will not be displayed on the public register, and will not be included in the interface data which is used to update the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). The dates shown in ESR will continue to be those that applied before the extension was granted.

When a nurse or midwife who has been provided with an extension to their renewal period and who has not completed revalidation reaches their original revalidation date, their annual renewal date (expiry date) as shown in ESR will be in the past. However, the registration status will continue to be shown as “Registered” until the end of the extended period.

Once revalidation is completed, and the renewal payment made, the expiry date will be updated in line with the original date.  If a nurse reaches the end of the extended revalidation period without completing revalidation and/or making payment, their registration status will change to “Lapsed”.

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