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Testing for colleagues with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms

Date: 24 April 2020

As part of the key worker testing programme for coronavirus (COVID-19) announced by the government, NHSBT colleagues who start to have suspected coronavirus symptoms or start self-isolating as a member of their household has symptoms can be tested.

The test is aimed at any colleague who are self-isolating because of coronavirus. It is not aimed at testing for antibodies in those who have possibly had coronavirus and have now made a full recovery. 

What is the testing process? 

The test involves taking a swab of the nose and the back of the throat, which can be done by the person themselves (self-administered) or by someone else (assisted).

Where can I go to receive a test? 

You will be contacted at home by a member of the Health and Wellbeing team to discuss the options and they will take you through the booking process if required.  

Please note Health and Wellbeing will only be able to call colleagues provided absences have been recorded on EASY in advance. For more details on EASY absence and our working from home coding table visit People First

Can I travel to get tested with symptoms? 

Yes you are permitted to travel to get tested providing you are fit and well enough to do so. The Health and Wellbeing team can discuss this with you when you are contacted at home. 

How quickly are test results confirmed? 

The Department of Health and Social Care aim to return test results within 48 hours of a swab being taken.

What should I do once I know my results? 

Once your results have been confirmed, please discuss with your manager and if negative agree an appropriate return to work. Also please email BIRSMA115@nhsbt.nhs.uk or HRDirect@nhsbt.nhs.uk to confirm your results. It’s important that colleagues provide this detail so we can supply accurate records to the Department of Health and Social Care to clarify our own resilience against coronavirus. 

Can I receive more than one test if my first test is negative? 

Yes. As and when you start to have symptoms of coronavirus you can visit a testing site to receive an additional test. 

Further information is available on testing via gov.uk

For more general information for NHSBT colleagues on coronavirus, please visit our dedicated page

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