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NHS Terms and Conditions of Service 2018 Pay Deal

The NHS Staff Council has reached agreement on a refresh of the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service (Agenda for Change), and following a consultation exercise, trade union members have voted to accept the proposed changes. The agreement was formally ratified on the 27th of June 2018. The full framework of the proposed agreement can be found here. It is anticipated that the new rates of pay will be paid in July 2018.  Arrears will be backdated to 1st April 2018 and these will be paid in August 2018. (For information regarding medical and dental staff, please see the appropriate drop down below)

This three year pay deal reforms the pay structure and changes terms and conditions.

The new pay structure will:

  • Increase starting salaries
  • Remove overlapping points on pay scales
  • Reduce the number of pay points
  • Shorten the amount of time it takes to reach the top of the pay band for most staff.

Full details of the changes can be found in the NHS Terms and Conditions Handbook.

This agreement applies to **ENGLAND ONLY**

For further information on changes to AfC/NHS Terms and Conditions in the devolved administrations see below:

Scotland - A pay increase of at least 3% has been agreed in advance of the conclusion of the final deal. A copy of the pay details can be seen here. The pay award for colleagues in Scotland will be paid in July 2018 along with arrears backdated to 1st April 2018.

Wales - A proposed framework agreement has been reached between the Welsh Government, NHS Employers and trade unions on a 3 year pay deal.  The framework is currently out for consultation. A copy of the proposed framework agreement, along with other useful resources including a pay calculator and Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

Northern Ireland - We received just recently the pay award applicable for 1 April 2017. This was applied in June salaries. There is no indication when the 2018/19 pay award will be available but we will implement these when we are notified.

The current advice from NHS employers relating to the devolved administrations is as follows:

The deal at the moment is for England only. The Barnett formula means any additional funding will also have to be provided to the devolved administrations. It is up to these administrations to determine what they do with this money, they are free to negotiate a deal with their trade unions which mirrors what has been negotiated for England.

Pay scales

A copy of the pay scales for 2018-2021 - a direct link to the pay scales can be found here.

You may wish to view the breakdown summary for each pay band. You may also wish to view the pay scales poster.

Pay Journey Tool/Online Calculator

The online calculator tool shows in detail how your basic pay will change during the transitional period to the new pay system. This will help you understand what you can expect to see in your basic pay packet demonstrating the annual cost of living increase and your individual progression through the pay system. The Pay Journey Tool can be accessed below. An overview and demonstration can be viewed here.

Pay Journey Tool/Online Calculator

NHS TCS 2018 Framework

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the pay deal - we recommend that you firstly check the FAQs.

Detail of the pay journey, by pay band over the 3 year pay deal.

August Payroll Factsheet

For further information regarding the August payroll during the processing of the new pay deal, view the document below:

Medical and Dental Staff  - Pay Award 2018

Details of the 2018 Pay Award for Medical and Dental staff in England have been made available through an updated Pay Circular.  The Pay and Conditions Circular informs employers of the pay arrangements for staff covered by the national medical and dental terms and conditions of service, which apply from 1 October 2018.

Pending confirmation of successful testing of ESR, the expectation is that the pay award will be applied in October’s salaries.

In summary, the main changes are: 

  1. Salary scales for medical and dental consultants have been increased by 1.5% to basic pay from 1 October 2018. 
  1. Salary scales for doctors in training have been increased by 2.0% to basic pay from 1  October 2018. 
  1. Salary scales for the staff and associate specialist group of practitioners have been increased by 3.0% to basic pay from 1 October 2018. 
  1. The value of Flexible Pay Premia increased by 2.0% from 1 October 2018. 
  1. A new Flexible Pay Premium for Histopathology will apply from 1 October 2018. 
  1. The value of National and Local Clinical Excellence Awards, discretionary points and distinction awards remain unchanged.

  2. New Local Clinical Excellence Awards details  (i.e. Local Clinical Excellence Awards granted between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2021) 

Full details of the changes can be found at NHS Employers on the following link.

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