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NHS Pension Scheme

For information about the NHS Pension Scheme please visit the NHS Business Services Authority member hub.   On the member hub you will find;

  • 1995/2008 and 2015 Scheme Guides
  • "Member identifier" to find out which scheme you are a member of
  •  Life Assurance and Family benefits information
  •  Pension Calculators
  •  Information about joining transferring benefits into the Scheme
  •  Details of how to increase your benefits
  •  Tax information – including annual and lifetime allowance information
  •  Information about options on leaving the Scheme
  •  Retirement information and Awards - key notes
  •  Pensions on Divorce information
  • All NHS Pension Forms
  • Links to Independent Financial Advice
  • Members’ Newsletters

Life assurance and family benefits

If you are a member of the NHS Pension Scheme and die in pensionable employment your family could receive life assurance and family benefits from the NHS Pension Scheme.

It is important that you have made, and keep up to date, all the necessary death benefit nominations to ensure that the payment is made to the person/people you wish to receive it. You may also need to register your partner with NHS Pensions so that a partner who is not your legal spouse or civil partner will get the survivor's pension. Failure to complete these nominations will mean that the benefits due in the event of you death may not be paid as you would wish.To make sure that your family gets the benefit of these payments from the NHS Pension Scheme check the information available from NHS Business Services Authority; Member hub; Life Assurance and Family Benefits.

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