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Occupational Health

Occupational Health considers the implications for employee’s health in relation to their work. Occupational Health professionals can assist in identifying areas where work may cause harm to employees’ health and provide advice to all in the NHSBT on how to control these hazards as well as how to best aid employees remain in the workplace or return to it after a period of absence.

In addition OH Assist also offer pre-employment placement service, an immunisation programme, wellness clinics and physiotherapy services. Details regarding these services are available by contacting the OH Assist helpline.

Please note if you do book an Occupational Health appointment there is a cost to the organisation for all appointments that are not attended. If for any reason you or the person you have organised the appointment on behalf of cannot attend, email nhsbt@ohassist.com

The latest upgrade to myOHportal is being launched this weekend.  From the user perspective this will mainly result in a slightly different appearance and some menus moving from the side to the top of the page.  Full details and examples of the changes are available here

OH Assist

 1st June 2018 - New Services available


  • www.myOHportal.co.uk – online portal with a wealth of information on healthy lifestyles. To access this you will need to request for an account to be set up by contacting HR Direct
  • OH Assist helpline – call 0845 601 8029 and OH experts will support you on all types of issues including health-related absences. OH Assist can also be contacted by email using 


  • Sharpsline - call 0845 371 0572 if you had a needle stick injury or contact with blood and require assistance.

OH Assist IT Transformation

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing team has been working with Onassis, our Occupational Health service provider, in an effort to minimise disruption during what has been a very difficult few months for our provider. 

The functionality of myOHportal.co.uk has improved tremendously. However, if you experience any issues with functionality, please email portal@ohassist.com.  This email address is specifically for issues relating to how the portal is working, such as password and security question problems, error messages, etc.  

For queries about the progression of referrals, please continue using either r.nhsbt@ohassist.com or the helpline, 0845 601 8029, which is also seeing much improved service levels.  If an issue cannot be resolved appropriately through these channels, please continue to log it via HR Direct for our Health and Wellbeing team to progress.

 Thank you for your continued support.

The following newsletters and FAQ documents are being provided by OH Assist to keep us updated on the changes:

Appointment Process

OH Assist changes to provide a speedier service

‘From July 1 2017 the process for Appointment Bookings to OH Assist is changing.

OH Assist™ provides an occupational health (OH) service to all NHSBT employees.  Working with line managers at all stages of the process, OH Assist provides advice and consultancy on a range of topics including work/health related measures and Sickness absence management.

Currently OH Assist make THREE attempts to telephone the colleague before allocating an appointment without consultation. The colleague then receives either an SMS, email or letter dependant on communication options selected on referral, and manager advised via portal message. 

From July 1 OH Assist will make ONE attempt to telephone the colleague accessing the service before allocation an appointment without consultation. Thecolleague then receives either an SMS, email or letter dependant on communication options selected on referral, and manager advised via portal messages.

This change will provide speedier referrals and so improve the support we can offer.

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