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PDPR During Coronavirus Pandemic

This section sets out changes to the PDPR process during the coronavirus pandemic.  The changes will enable teams and line managers to focus on business critical activities but at the same time informal discussions with team members to discuss their performance and wellbeing

It is important that colleagues continue to hold PDPRs where possible but provide interim solutions as follows where this is not possible as follows:

  1. Annual PDPRs should be completed within 6 months of their due date.
  2. Regular less formal check-in discussions with team members to discuss their performance and wellbeing

New starters are still required to have an initial Induction and PDP within their first week, ensuring that Fire Evacuation procedures are discussed on their first day. If you are unable to go through the Fire Evacuation procedures as your new starter is working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, you should arrange for this to take place on their first date on site.

Monthly reporting will continue but colleagues will have 6 months to update their PDPR from the date when it was due.

Notifications & compliance reporting

ESR notifications

Between now and 1st July ESR notifications will continue to be automatically sent, as ESR does not allow us to deactivate them. 

Managers should ignore these reminders for the time being.

Compliance reporting

We will not include any PDPR’s due before the 1st July, as non-compliant, in our reporting.

Further Resources

It is also important to remember that you can talk to your manager at any time, you don’t have to wait until your PDPR. We already have a range of resources to support line managers, which can be found here: Performance management  

The Performance Management toolkit includes materials on:

  • Effective 1:1’s
  • Performance conversations
  • Honest conversations
  • Sensitive conversations
  • Enabling better performance

We are also developing our wellbeing resources and placing on the Wellbeing pages of People First: Keeping well at work

Our Wellbeing resources include:

  • Working from home
  • Routines and planning
  • Workstation health and safety,
  • Mental health.Managing teams remotely
  • Keeping connected,
  • Supporting each other
  • Resilience


Q - I am a new starter – will I have a PDPR?

A - As a new starter, you will meet with your manager or supervisor on your first day. You will be welcomed to the organisation and receive an induction which will include fire evacuation procedures. If you are a new starter who is working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, your manager will discuss the fire evacuation procedures on your first day on site. During the first week your manager / supervisor will develop your personal development plan which will be regularly reviewed in one to one meetings during your probationary period.

Q - My PDPR is due for review, does it have to take place on or before the due date?

A - Ideally your PDPR should take place within 12 months of your last review however, where this is not possible you and your manager should agree any changes /agree any extensions to timescales for objectives that you were set.

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