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Physiotherapy is available to all NHSBT colleagues through Occupational Health subject to the following criteria:

  • the muscular skeletal disorder must be affecting ability to work or causing absence from work, and
  • no other physiotherapy, whether provided privately or through the NHS, must be being received, and
  • the injury occurred within the last six weeks.

To access the treatment, your manager needs to refer you via the OH Assist portal. Physiotherapy is now available as a separate option on the portal, under the ‘Special Services’ stream. For more support in completing the referral, please raise a query with HR Direct.

A maximum number of 8 treatments, including initial assessment, are available.


  • OH Assist helpline - call 0845 601 8029 and OH experts will support you on all types of issues including health-related absences.
  • OH Assist can also be contacted by email nhsbt@ohassist.com
  • To request an online portal account for completing management referrals email HR Direct
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