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Recruitment and Resourcing Services

NHSBT’s Recruitment Team are specialists in how to attract, source and recruit candidates.  The majority of vacancies are recruited to using the traditional method of advertising on the NHS Jobs website.  However, where bespoke interventions are required or requested from a Recruiting Manager, for example for a very specialist and/or senior post or where we have experienced difficulty in recruiting, the following services are available.  Most of these are free of charge except where we use an external provider which may be recharged to the Recruiting Manager.  You may also find it useful to review some of the suggestions in the Top Tips document - when Difficult to Recruit

Range of Services

  • Expert advice in campaign design
  • Best method of advertising
  • Design of recruitment materials
  • Bespoke method of applying
  • Provision of on-line Candidate Search
  • Support with Sourcing Candidates
  • Support with screening
  • Advice with design of selection methods
  • Personality reports and psychometric testing
  • Example interview questions and scoring matrix. 

Expert Advice in Campaign Design

A member of the senior recruitment team will work with you, to design your campaign, for one or multiple vacancies, which may include any of the options outlined below and will be bespoke to your specific requirements.

Best Method of Advertising

This could include use of hardcopy national or local press, social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), websites (Indeed, TotalJobs etc.), professional journals.  Advice on where to advertise can be sought from NHSBT’s advertising agency.  The cost of advertising will be recharged to you as the budget manager.

Design of Recruitment Materials

Maximising the use of the Careers Website

Design of an article to appear on NHSBTs careers website, with information such as a day in the life of, open day events, videos, benefits etc.  This can then be linked to one of the pods on the landing page of the careers website.  All methods of advertising would drive traffic to the NHSBT careers website.

Support in arranging, promoting and materials for Open Days and recruitment events

To promote your vacancy, you may choose to hold an open day or coffee morning. The Recruitment Team will be able to provide you with support in advertising this via any of the methods of advertising and an article on the NHSBT careers website. This could include assistance and advice with the arrangements for the day, provision of posters, pull-up stands, handouts, pens and freebies.

Assistance with the design of Candidate Recruitment Pack

For specialist or more senior roles, for example Assistant Director, the Recruitment Team can support you in designing a bespoke glossy on-line brochure which would contain a letter from the Director, background information about NHSBT (strategy, financial performance, values etc.) and specific information about the role.

Bespoke Method of Applying

NHS Jobs does not allow us to use the site as a job board (i.e. to advertise and provide another method of applying).  Applicants are required to complete the NHS Jobs application form in all cases.  However, we can allow for CVs to be submitted, include application questions or set it up so the applicant completes a reduced application where you feel that the standard application is too onerous or is putting off applicants from applying.

Provision of Online Candidate Search

LinkedIn is a social network where professionals share career history and interact with industry experts.  It allows for recruiters to send personal messages (In-Mails) to potential candidates.  Indeed, which is the world’s largest job board, also hosts a database which allows recruiters to scan resumes based on criteria like location and job title. To source candidates via this method you will incur a cost that will be recharged to your budget.

Support with Sourcing Candidates 

The recruitment team can support you in employing a company who will be responsible for finding qualified and experience candidates on our behalf.  They may also be employed to pre-screen the candidates to provide you with a shortlist of potential candidates.  After this they are usually not involved in the interviews and our Recruitment Team would be responsible for obtaining all the necessary clearances that we require.  The price would usually include the advertising costs, any screening methods used (for example psychometric testing) and a percentage of the successful persons starting salary.  This can be used in exceptional circumstance with prior agreement as it can be an expensive option and the cost will be recharged to the budget manager.

Support with Pre-Screening

If in exceptional circumstances you require support with the initial pre-screening of applicants this may be able to be provided by the Recruitment Team, where this is appropriate, and the shortlisting criteria is very specific and has been agreed in advance.

Advice with Design of Selection Methods

These can range from a full day of group and individual exercises to a presentation on the day of the interview. The Recruitment Team can advise on the arrangements for the day, the exercises available and the scoring templates to use. See the Selection Methods page.

Personality Reports and Psychometric Testing 

Personality Reports (Occupational Personality Questionnaires – OPQ) are used to identify personality traits in a work situation e.g. team working, leadership skills.  There is also the facility to undertake numerical reasoning and literacy tests.  All these are provided using an on-line link to an external provider organised by the Recruitment Team.

Example Interview Questions and Scoring Matrix

For more senior positions, the Recruitment Team have developed a list of example interview questions for you to review and select.   The Recruitment Team have also develop a scoring matrix for presentations, interviews and assessment centres etc. which again are available on request.

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