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Before starting the recruitment process, you may want to discuss the options with your HR Consultant.  You may also wish to consider the points raised in the Reviewing the Vacancy page.

All recruitment is subject to the following approvals process:

Expenditure Review Board (ERB) Approvals Process

Step 1 – Complete Form

To start recruitment, please complete the new on-line recruitment request (this replaces the existing Authority to Recruit form and approval processes).  All requests received by close of play Friday will be sent by the Recruitment Department to your Director on the following Monday.

Step 2 – Director Recommendation

Your Director will review the recruitment requests for their Directorate and will let you know if yours has been recommended for approval

Step 3 – Expenditure Review Board

If your recruitment request is recommended for approval, it will be submitted to the Expenditure Review Board (ERB) that will meet every Friday morning

Step 4 - Outcome

You will be notified of the outcome from the ERB on the following Monday.  If your recruitment request is approved, your recruitment contact will be in touch to arrange a commissioning meeting 

A flowchart outlining the above process is also available here.

The section below provides information on the various types of recruitment e.g. permanent, fixed-term, apprenticeships, secondments etc.

Types of Recruitment

Permanent - Employed on a permanent basis. To start your recruitment please complete a recruitment request

Fixed Term - Employed for a specific purpose on a temporary basis with an end date e.g. maternity cover, research funding. To start your recruitment please complete a recruitment request.  Further information regarding fixed-term is available.

NOTE : If you wish to change a fixed term role to a permanent post, the position must be advertised internally through the normal recruitment process.

Apprentices – Employed on a one year contract with an additional requirement to complete an apprenticeship qualification. To start your recruitment please complete a recruitment request.  Further information regarding apprentices is available.

Secondment – A secondment is the temporary transfer of an employee to a different post or area within NHSBT (or another organisation) for a specific purpose and time. To start your recruitment please complete a recruitment request. Further information on secondments is available.

Medical and R&D - Recruitment to Speciality Doctor roles will follow the standard recruitment process. However we must follow the NHS Regulations for Recruitment of Medical Consultants. To start your recruitment you please complete a recruitment request.

Bank Workers - Bank workers are used on an ad-hoc basis.  There is no obligation to provide them with work. Our Bank roles are either advertised externally or are filled using ex-employees who have left (or retired) and chosen to stay with NHSBT.  For external advertising please complete a recruitment request.  For ex-employees who have left (or retired) please see Retire and Return to NHS employment and complete a Direct Hire Request form. You may also find it useful to consider the Top Tips for Bank Worker Programmes.

Honorary – An honorary contract is a legal agreement entitling a person whose primary employer is not NHSBT to work directly with NHS patients on an unpaid basis, especially for the purposes of research or training. The Direct Hire Process Guidance outlines the process you need to follow.  To arrange an honorary contract please complete a Direct Hire Request form.

Roles and Responsibilities

For the purposes of the recruitment pages on People First it is useful to note the following definitions:-

Recruiting Manager – is the manager responsible for the whole of the recruitment process and for the actions related to the vacancy within NHS Jobs. 

Reviewer – is someone who reviews the applications within NHS Jobs so that the Recruiting Manager can finalise shortlisting.

Recruitment Contact – is the member of the recruitment team who will be your first point of contact throughout the recruitment process.

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