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Selling Annual Leave

Please note: This application window for selling annual leave has now closed. The second window will open in January 2021.

It is important for your own health and well-being you can take regular breaks, and NHSBT is encouraging everyone to retain and take their leave so far as possible.

If this is not possible and/or you think that selling annual leave may be an option for you, then discuss this with your manager first to decide the best approach for you, your team and department, and whether a request to sell annual leave will be a suitable option for you.

Any request to sell annual leave will need approval from your Line Manager.

There will be 2 application windows, the first will be open from 1st June until 21st June 2020. The second will open in January 2021.

The maximum amount of annual leave that you can sell will be based on your weekly contracted hours at the time you make your application. For example, if you are contracted to work 3 days a week (22.5 hrs), you will be able to sell a maximum of 3 days (22.5 hrs).

If you want to request to sell leave you need to be employed with NHSBT on or after 29th February 2020 and will need to follow the process below:

  • Discuss and agree your annual leave requirements with your manager as they need to approve any application you submit
  • Read the 'Guidance for Interim Annual Leave Arrangements' before applying along with the 'FAQs'
  • Complete the Selling Annual Leave Calculator to estimate the payment amount for your leave. leave, and save the file. Note: The payment will be made in a one-off lump sum in your August 2020 salary
  • Complete the selling annual leave request form and attach the Calculator estimate spreadsheet.
  • Submit by 21st June 2020
  • If your leave year runs from the anniversary of your start date you will still need to submit a request to sell annual leave during one of the two application windows.

*You must be connected to the NHSBT network in order to access the calculator and request form*

Requests will also be subject to final NHSBT review before confirmation of whether any request can be fulfilled in full, or in part.

If you are a Line Manager or Budget Holder, you will need to read the information below in 'Manager Information' section. All requests must be approved by 30th June 2020.

NOTE: for Managers and Budget Holders. Requests for approval will be automatically emailed to you via the email address - 'NHSBT Notifications' with a Subject title of ‘Selling Annual Leave Approval Request’. Please do not delete the email until you have approved or rejected the application.

Manager Information

As a manager you will need to complete the following process to ensure any request from your employees to sell annual leave is reviewed and approved/rejected; 

  • Discuss with your employees any request 
  • Once an application is submitted by your employee you will receive an email from the 'NHSBT Notification' with a Subject title of ‘Buying Annual Leave Approval Request’. It will detail the request information your employee has submitted.
  • You then need to approve or reject the request using the 'approve' or 'reject' links on the email

If you have any employees currently absent due to coronavirus, sickness, career break, external secondment, maternity, maternity support or parental leave who will be returning during the 2020/21 leave year you will need to provide them with the details of the scheme.  If they wish to apply but aren't able to access the form, please contact HR Direct.

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