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The Line Manager’s role in managing, developing and maximising talent

Constructive performance management supported by clear objectives, feedback and development is how we support colleagues to be the best they can be. By giving clear, constructive feedback about performance, while supporting people to build on their strengths and identify where their skills, knowledge and performance can improve, we can all perform our roles to the highest standards possible. 

The key element to any successful approach in maximising an individual’s potential is when managers and their team colleagues can have open and constructive conversations around their potential; where they are now, where they want to be, and how to be supported to get there. 

This means: 

  • Seeing the talent and potential in every team member and helping them to be the best they can be – Personal Development Performance Reviews (PDPRS) are a key part of this process.

  • Spotting team members who stand out as performing exceptionally well in their role. People who are performing their roles to this standard are often identified as ‘high-potential’. They may have career aspirations which are driving them to go ‘above and beyond’, or they may be in a role which is not providing enough challenge or stretch for them. Managers can support these colleagues to move into roles which can use their exceptional talents more effectively. They can start by ensuring the person knows that they are highly talented and have high potential in their careers, and then by encouraging them to take up learning opportunities and to apply for secondments and promotions where appropriate.

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