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UK exit from the EU

The EU Settlement Scheme is intended for EU citizens and families to apply for either settled or pre-settled status to ensure residence in the UK after 30th June 2021. For NHSBT colleagues from the EU wishing to apply, we have published further information below to support you with this process.

The scheme formally opens to the public at the end of March 2019 however NHSBT colleagues, can if they wish, apply now. To do so please apply here. The current phase is a pilot open to all NHS staff and forms part of the rigorous testing of the process that has taken place over recent months to ensure the system works.

Step by step guidance is provided below to assist our EU colleagues in applying for settled or pre-settled status. NHSBT would strongly encourage all EU colleagues to apply and seek the reassurance that this will provide.

Application Fee:

When the scheme was originally announced there was an application fee of £65. NHSBT had agreed that we would cover this fee for our EU workers as a gesture of the value provided by our colleagues. Since then the government has announced that the fee will be scrapped and it will be free to apply from the 30 March. Any applications made before this date will still incur the fee however this will be refunded.  

Other Key points of the scheme are:

  • The scheme will open fully on the 30th of March 2019 to the general public.
  • Any EU citizen wishing to continue to live in the UK after 30th June 2021 will need to apply to have a settled or pre-settled status. (See here for definitions and further information on the different statuses)
  • The deadline for applying will be the 30th of June 2021. If the UK leaves the EU with a ‘No Deal’, the deadline will be changed to 30th December 2020.
  • Up to the 30 March the scheme will only be able to handle digital applications only. A method to handle hardcopy applications will be confirmed at a later date.
  • You will need an android phone to download an app to apply.
  • It is free to apply for the scheme if you have a valid UK permanent residence document or if you already have indefinite leave to remain in or enter the UK.
  • After applying for the scheme, and if your application is successful, you will be granted either settled or pre-settled status and will receive proof of your status through an online service. You will need to keep a record of this as you may be asked at a later date to show proof of your status.
  • If you are unsuccessful in your application you can appeal the decision, and re-apply if required (fees may apply). 

The best source of information is via the gov.uk site. Here you will find all of the information that you need. We have provided links to the relevant sections below:

Contact Information

Should you wish to speak to someone or have any questions about the EU Settlement scheme, contact the EU Settlement Resolution Centre.

The centre is open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, excluding public holidays, and on Saturday and Sunday between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

Telephone from:

Inside the UK: 0300 123 7379

Outside the UK: 0203 080 0010

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