Contact HR Direct

We have a dedicated team who are your first point of contact for queries relating to;

  • Health Safety and Wellbeing
  • HR
  • Learning and Development
  • Pay and expenses*
  • Recruitment

HR Direct operates between the hours of 9am-5pm.

HR Direct can be contacted by phone for advice between the hours of 10am-3pm, and queries can be raised 24/7 by e-mail and on-line.

Contact Methods

You can contact HR Direct using the following methods;

Online: Raise My HR Direct Query**
Telephone: 0117 3227700 (please do not mark any email Private as they will not show in our inbox)
Address: 500, North Bristol Park, Filton, Bristol BS34 7QH

*Any Pay related forms should be returned directly to Pay Support only, and not HR Direct.  You will see the relevant Pay Support e-mail address at the bottom of the form you are submitting.
**Form is only accessible if you are logged in to the NHSBT network (network connection through Citrix/NHSBT Desktop). As a result it may take a moment to load.
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