Personal Development and Performance Review (PDPR)

The purpose of your annual PDPR is to review your performance, behaviour and to highlight your achievements.  You'll also agree objectives for the coming year. 

A PDPR is a meaningful two way conversation about:

  • what you have achieved
  • what you have found challenging
  • your development and career path

 'How to prepare for your PDPR' Information that will support and help you to prepare for your PDPR.

Prompt Document - This document provides example prompts for everyone, whether you’re a manager or employee, to consider for preparation and use during a PDPR. 

Performance management learning resources* have been created to provide an introduction to the performance management journey, how managers can enable better performance and how to hold performance related discussions.

For more information read 'How to have a quality PDPR through meaningful conversations'.

Use the PDPR Form to capture your discussions, objectives and personal development plan.

For more information on the PDPR process and meeting read through the PDPR policy and PDPR FAQs.

*Form is only accessible if you are logged in to the NHSBT network (network connection through Citrix/NHSBT Desktop). As a result it may take a moment to load.

Reporting your PDPR

To report a PDPR has been completed use the PDPR Reporting Tool.

 It's important to remember you can talk to your manager at any time. You don’t have to wait until your PDPR.

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

This is similar to a PDPR but for new starters.  Use it to set their objectives and identify their development needs.  It should form the basis of their probation and; 

  • provide an introduction to our organisational culture, values, and ways of working
  • provide an opportunity for new employees to become familiar with how we operate
  • provide employees with a clear set of work and behavioural objectives
  • clarify the legal requirements and technical knowledge of the role

Managers should start this process during your new starters first week by identifying their training needs documenting this on their PDP form.  You will then need to report the PDP within 7 calendar days of their start date, using the PDPR reporting tool for reporting PDPRs.

On completion of probation, the PDP should be updated, regularly reviewed in one to one discussions and form the basis for the employees first annual PDPR. 

For further information read through the Recruitment and Induction policy, PDPR policy and Induction and Probation page.