Working in Partnership

We work in partnership with our union colleagues at all levels within the organisation to ensure our health, safety and wellbeing controls are appropriate and work effectively. We encourage staff to consider becoming Union Health and Safety Representatives to ensure this is meaningful to everyone.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Well done to everyone on supporting the HSW strategy objectives to reduce harm and increase near miss reporting. The last 12 months have seen NHSBT hit both of these targets and this is down to the hard work of everyone in hazard identification, management and communication through near miss reporting. This has then seen significant Harm reduction in the last 6 months which has helped us achieve the targets. 

Harm Target was 8.3 we achieved 8.0

Near Miss Target was 12.8 we achieved 13.6

The targets for next year have been set and we are confident that if we keep up the same level of vigilance and support and #watchoutforeachother then we can continue to drive harm down and keep colleagues safe and well.

Harm Target for 24/25 is 7.7 overall 7.5% decrease on last year

Near Miss Target for 24/25 is 13.7 overall 7.5% increase on last year

Employers and Public Liability Certificate 24-25

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) recognises the value of communication with employees, through their Health and Safety representatives. The NHSBT by promoting a health and safety culture will support and help achieve the objectives of reducing accidents and ill-health for all colleagues. The role of the Health and Safety representative is to work in partnership and engage with management in a meaningful dialogue to promote a good safety culture. Their role and the duties of the employer are laid down in law and in guidance produced by the Health and Safety Executive. The NHSBT arrangements are to consult effectively with health and safety representatives as described in Health Safety and Wellbeing Consultation (MPD355).

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Union Representatives*

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Conference Agenda and Quiz 2022*

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Conference Presentations 2022*

National Health Safety and Wellbeing Committee Meetings Dates


  • Monday 8th January
  • Thursday 21st March
  • Thursday 27th June
  • Monday 16th September
  • Monday 16th December

National Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy Group Meetings Dates


  • Wednesday 20th December


  • Tuesday 12th March
  • Tuesday 11th June
  • Tuesday 20th August
  • Tuesday 20th November

Accident and Near Miss Reports

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