If you need to recruit, see the sections below for guidance. If you are a colleague looking for internal career opportunities please access our vacancies bulletin page

Request a vacancy page 

Details on requesting a vacancy. 

How to recruit/Recruiting process page

Details on the stages of recruitment and the options to consider – advertising, shortlisting etc. 

Types of Employment Page

Details of the types of contractual arrangements including Bank and Direct Hire

Blood Donation Recruitment page

For details on recruiting to the Blood Donation directorate. 

Recruitment Training page

Equip yourself with the necessary tools and skills to recruit effectively. 

Redeployment Support page

For those seeking support on being redeployed in the organisation. 

Agency and Contract Workers page

For recruiting employees using an employment agency. Including Scientific,Admin/Clerical and specialist contractor roles. 

Work Visas and Sponsorship page

Information about Work Visas for employees and hiring managers. 

Forms, Guides, Policies and Top Tips

For quick access to any forms, guides, policies and top tips to support you through the recruitment process.