Organisation and Position Structure

All organisations structures including department, team and position set up are held in the NHS Electronic Staff Record system (ESR). If your directorate/organisation is going through a restructure any changes should be discussed with your People and Culture Partner (PCP). For any other changes click on the relevant link below for further information. To find out who your PCP is raise a query with HR Direct.

Existing Organisation and Position Structure

Use this page if you need to find an existing position.  The page contains spreadsheets for all existing positions in NHSBT, organised by directorate/department. You will also find information linked to the positions, including band, location, organisation/department, position and supervisor.

Job Evaluation and Grading

Job Evaluation is used to determine the banding and grading of new and significantly changed posts. The process ensures consistency in approach to banding jobs.

Minor changes to job titles must also have been signed off by the Job evaluation team, before requesting a new position with a changed job title. 


All employees are assigned position numbers in the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) which is our HR/Payroll system. The position number determines the employee's: band, location, organisation/department, position and supervisor. 

The position page will provide the forms and information needed to create a new or change an existing position.


This page provides the forms and information needed to create a new department/directorate. You can also register a new location that will be used in setting up a new position.