Occupational Health (OH)

PAM is our Occupational Health provider. 

Important Reminder

It is important that you ensure your attend at your OH appointment as it will provide you with the help and support you need with the challenge you are facing.  NHSBT is charged for each missed appointment.

The call will come on a withheld number, but the call will come either at the time of the appointment or within 30 mins of you appointment time so please answer the call. 

If the date and time of your appointment is not appropriate then please contact your manager / PAM Customer Support Team immediately to reschedule the appointment. 

If we give at least 48 hours’ notice where possible, we can avoid unnecessary charges.

Useful Contact Details

24/7 Sharps Line - 0330 660 0365

Customer Support Team

call on 01925 377217 

e-mail at portfolio1@people-am.com

Physiotherapy Information Line (PhIL)

0345 450 8882

Clinical Advice Line

0330 660 0365

Learn more about the services available and access the OHIO system how to access them here.