Flu campaign

Every year NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) provides flu vaccinations for all colleagues

These vaccines become available towards the end of September and are manufactured to combat the currently active strains of the influenza virus. These strains are identified from the flu season which takes place in the Southern Hemisphere during our summer months.

This annual programme is invaluable in protecting our donors and patients from the flu. It also helps to reduce unplanned hospital admissions and pressures on Accident and Emergency services during the winter.

It is estimated that flu kills on average 8000 people each year. Individuals who are most at risk are young children, the elderly, pregnant women and people who have long-term health conditions.

No one has natural immunity to flu as the virus changes each year. That's why the best protection against the dangerous and unpredictable virus is to receive the vaccination.

Have you had your flu vaccine outside work?

As the whole NHS are being strongly encouraged by the Chief Medical Officer for the UK to help protect colleagues and patients, we are collecting data to show how many of our colleagues are protected against flu.

Although we know how many people have been vaccinated via our in-house vaccinators, we need your help to find out who has had the vaccine outside work, for example through your GP, pharmacy or the local NHS Trust where you are based. Reporting Tool

The information is only needed to get a figure of uptake across the organisation and will not be used for any other purpose. Names of colleagues who respond are not seen by anyone other than the Flu Vaccination team. Statistics are produced for the wider organisation using aggregate data only.

There are no implications for you if you do not respond, as this is voluntary, however it will help NHSBT to prove that we are protecting colleagues, patients, donors and the products we make.

Centre Flu Clinics

Find out more information about our plans for this flu season.

Blood Donation Teams

Vaccinator nurses will be administering the flu vaccines for BD colleagues on sessions.