Risk Assessments

What are Risk assessments? 

Risk assessments are recorded, systematic evaluations of a task or environment, used to identify hazards and risks with the objective of eliminating the hazards or reducing the risk to the lowest acceptable level.

A Risk Assessment is a process of ensuring that:

  • All work activities are as safe as one could reasonably expect them to be.
  • One has identified what measures should be taken to comply with your duties under the "relevant statutory provisions".

There a different types of risk  assessments

  • General
  • COSHH - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  • Manual Handling
  • Work Related Stress

What role does risk assessment do?

These play an essential role in keeping us safe.  This is done by helping us to manage and control the risk from activities we undertake. There are different risk assessments available depending on the activity and what we are managing.   Some of these risk assessments may be localised but the organisation is moving towards more National Risk Assessments that will cover an activity that may be performed across the country such as pushing a roll cage or working in a specific environment such as an Office or Laboratory.  The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Department will provide training to any colleagues that wish to become risk assessors. Your manager must make you aware of the risk assessments and controls required to keep you safe but you have a responsibility to familiarise yourself with them.  Risk assessments influence training and the development of Safe Systems of Work (SSW) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

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To access the Datix training system

User Name: All Users
Password: everyone55

This is to be used to complete coursework as part of Health and Safety training courses. 


Inspections should be put on to Datix Monthly through the Risk Module by 'adding a new risk' and selecting the type of inspection required.