Scientific and Clinical Development and Training

Developing as a Scientific Professional

Are you are in a Scientific or Technical role and would like guidance on becoming registered as a Biomedical Scientist (BMS). Are you looking to progress as a scientist? The information documents and links on these pages will support you.

If you cannot find the information that you need, you can contact HR Direct.

Registering as a Biomedical Scientist. Advice on how to register.

Continuing Professional Development.  Guidance on how to undertake reflective practice, and how to evidence your CPD.

Professional Body Guidance. Links to professional body websites with guidance to help you as a scientist.

Qualifications for Band 2 to 4 Colleagues. Information to support your career development.

Progressing Band 5 Colleagues to Band 6. Guidance and information on progressing with a scientific and clinical career

Additional Qualification Information. Links to websites with information on Scientific and Clinical development

Modernising Scientific Careers. The UK-wide initiative, which aims to standardise education and training pathways for those in healthcare Science roles

Equivalence to Clinical Scientist. Information for Advanced BMS's to demonstrate equivalence to a Clinical Scientist 

Vision for Science - People Strategy. How the Vision for Science - People Strategy is targeted to scientific roles

Scientific Digital Resources. Links to Scientific and clinical websites and on-line resources, including the NHSBT Digital Blood Centre Tour

Scientific and Clinical Courses. Programme outlines, link to the booking form and rolling calendar