Scientific and Clinical Courses

Programme Outlines for Scientific and Clinical Courses

The programme outlines below identify the learning outcomes and target audience for each event. Before booking to attend any programme, you need to have a discussion with your manager to ensure that it is appropriate for the needs of both you and your department. These discussions can take place at any time during the year, but should be included in your PDPR.

Portfolio Workshop for Training Officers - Programme outline for the Portfolio Workshop Course

Basic Introduction to Transfusion Science - Programme outline for the BITS (Basic Introduction to Transfusion Science) Course

Component Awareness - Programme outline for the Component Awareness Course

Practical Introduction to Transfusion Science - Programme outline for Practical Introduction to Transfusion Science

  • We have a new booking process, initially just for booking PITS course places, but other courses will be added in the future. This will enable you to access dates / see availability of places and book directly onto the course. Refer to the How to book guidance document for information on how to book your place.

Specialist Transfusion Science Practice (STSP) - Programme outline for the Specialist Transfusion Science Practice course

Advanced Transfusion Masterclass - Programme outline for the Advanced Transfusion Masterclass Course

Presenting Conference Posters - Programme outline for the Presenting Conference Posters course

Information regarding specialist Scientific and Clinical courses can be found on the NHSBT Hospitals and Science website

Rolling calendar  - this links to a spreadsheet that identifies the dates and locations of NHSBT courses and links to the relevant booking forms

Booking form - Link to course booking form