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Note: At this time, we have made adjustments to some of our policies, to support our response to Coronavirus. Therefore we have developed ‘Cover Sheets’ to highlight where these temporary changes have been applied. Please look out for these in the appropriate policy document areas, as changes have only been made to some policies.

If you have something to say about an existing HR Policy or have thoughts and ideas about subjects we are lacking information in, we would like to hear from you. Provide your feedback here on our HR policies to tell us what you think.

We are continually improving the user experience for everyone and committed to ensuring digital accessibility.  Users of our policies can enable policy documents to be ‘read out’ by opening the pdf policy and from the View menu select 'read out aloud'. 

Annual leave page

Information regarding booking, submitting, amending, deleting,  rejecting, buying and selling of Annual leave

Appeal page

Provides information on the agreed withdrawal of Staff Side from Appeal Panels.

Attendance policy page

Management of sickness absence and attendance at work.

Becoming a parent policy page

Includes information on maternity leave, maternity support, parental leave and shared parental leave

Capability policy page

Management of issues identified with performance at work

Clinical Supervision for Nurses

Process for Clinical supervisions

Code of Conduct

Interactive guide, resources and information on our expected standards of behaviour/conduct. 

Dignity at Work policy page

Supportive tools and policies to addresses all forms of harassment, bullying, abuse, discrimination and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Disciplinary policy page

Support and documents on how to manage disciplinaries.

Domestic Abuse policy page

Information for colleagues who may be experiencing Domestic Abuse including a new policy and links to support.

Flexible Working policy page

Information on flexible working options for example part-time, change of hours, staggered hours, term time etc. and the process to follow to request flexible working and for managers on supporting support any requests

Grievance policy page

Tools and policies available to assist, if during your employment, you may have a concern, problem or complaint with a workplace situation

HR Policy Forum page

In-line with our Working in Partnership Agreement and Framework, policy formulation consists of consultation with our Staff Side partners: Unison, Unite, RCN, GMB and BMA

Keeping well at work policy page

Starting page for information about Wellbeing support and advice available

Induction and probation policy page

Support and documents for when you when managing a new starter on probation

Job Evaluation and Grading policy page

Provides the process for the banding and grading of new and significantly changed posts to ensures consistency in approach to banding jobs

Just Culture policy page

This guide supports a conversation between managers about whether a staff member involved in a patient safety incident requires specific individual support or intervention to work safely

Leavers policy page

Information on how to process leavers, which departments to notify and details on the different type of leaver options e.g. resignation or retirement etc

Loyal Service Awards policy page

Information regarding Loyal Service Awards recognised for continuous and/or aggregated service with NHSBT.

Mandatory training policy page

Details of NHSBT's mandatory training policies and procedures

Mediation services policy page

Information and guidance on using mediation to resolve workplace conflicts.

Menopause policy and information

Information on menopause, facts and FAQs along with NHSBT policy and support plans.

Organisational change policy page

Process to follow where organisational change is necessary

Payscales and Allowances policy page 

Information surrounding the final year of the current pay deal. Provides Payscales for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Professional registration policy page

Employers must check the registration of health professionals with the relevant regulatory body.   This section includes information on Clinical and Nurse Revalidation

Safeguarding policy page

Guidance to our approach to Safeguarding children, young people and adults

Secondments and Fixed term policy page

Process and policies for when secondments and fixed term contracts are required and documentation to use to support them.

Social Media Policy Page

Guidance when using social networking sites on a personal and professional basis.

Speak Up (Whistleblowing) policy page

Policy and links to further information to support you when raising concerns about risk, malpractice or wrongdoing you think is harming the service we deliver

Support for professional development policy page

Details of how to access personal development funding and details of NHSBT's Apprenticeships offering

Travel and Expenses

Details on travel, expenses, excess travel, overseas travel, lease cars, using your own car and electric vehicle charging. Access to Policy and supporting documents. 

Time off Work policy

Options for time off work for medical appointments, urgent domestic circumstance, carers/dependant leave, bereavement, adverse weather conditions etc

Trade Unions and Partnership working policy page

For more information on the different Unions, NHSBT is committed to working in partnership with its employees, and recognised trade unions.

Uniform and standard dress policy page

Clear expectations and guidance for all of our departments where Uniform is worn

Volunteers policy page

Guidance and process for the recruitment and management of a unpaid volunteer

Wellbeing page

Provides link to the Health and Wellbeing policy along with details of support that we provide to help you maintain a healthy life and attendance at work. The page also includes links to other 

Workplace Adjustments policy page

The Workplace Adjustments Policy and FAQ's should be used to support colleagues when considering adjustments to help them fulfil their job and realise their full potential.

Working agreements policy page

Information on local agreements that make small difference to Agenda for Change contracts. These include the On-Call agreements, Unsocial Hour, agreements and the Working agreements for donor carers