Clinical Supervision for Nurses

NHSBT is committed to supporting access to clinical supervision for all registered nurses. As a nurse, clinical supervision will aid and enable you to develop your knowledge, skills and values to improve standards of care. It is also recognised for its contribution to Healthcare Governance.

Clinical Supervision is the term used to describe a process of professional support which should be seen as a means of encouraging self-assessment, analytical and reflective skills, and professional development. Clinical Supervision can both support and empower those in practice, whilst giving them a safe space to find creative solutions rather than barriers in their challenges.

Clinical supervision can mean a lot of things. It does not always refer to a formal meeting with a clinical supervisor. It could be a team debrief, nursing forum, and informal peer reflection and discussion. 

What is important is that you access the type of clinical supervision that is right for you. You might need to try a few different types before you find one that fits. 

Professional Nurse Advocate

The PNA role is a new nationally implemented role that was introduced to the nursing workforce during the global Covid-19 pandemic, as it was recognised staff stress and burnout was rising, significant health and wellbeing stressors which was a compounding factor to attrition from the NMC register and national nurse shortages.

NHSBT has committed to the introduction of PNAs in order to support the nursing workforce.

A PNA can:

  • Act as an advocate for patients, donors, donor families and nurses.
  • Provide clinical supervision using a restorative approach
  • Enable nurses to undertake personal action for quality improvement
  • Promote the education and development of nurses

If you are an NHSBT nurse, you can contact our PNAs for:

  • ​​​​​​​Restorative Clinical Supervision
  • Professional development or career advice
  • Support with a quality improvement project 

We aim to have 100 trained PNAs in NHSBT by 2025. 

For more information, you can visit the ‘Clinical Supervision’  section of the Nursing Homepage and also read the Clinical Supervision for Registered Nurses Information Guide.

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