There are various polices and procedures in place to assist in delivering a caring, expert and quality service however there may be occasions where we need to address issues or areas of concern through a disciplinary process.  This process ensures these are addressed in a fair and consistent manner.

For Capability or Performance Related concerns, refer to the Capability page. You may also wish to visit the Well-Being pages for further advice and support if you feel there may be any associated health/medical related issues that are affecting performance/conduct.

Patient Safety Incidents

You should also refer to the Just Culture page which provides information on supporting consistent, constructive and fair evaluation of the actions of staff involved in patient safety incidents.  Please also refer to the questionnaire and guide below under Guidance.

Medical Disciplinary Matters

Medical employees are subject to separate arrangements as set out in the Maintaining High Professional Standards policy. Alternatively, contact the HR Direct Team for further details.

Policy Documents



Template letters

For any attendance concerns for Blood Donation agency workers, refer to the raising a matter of concern under the Blood Donation Resourcing and Onboarding – Blood Collections page.