Resourcing & Onboarding – Blood Collections

What is the Convalescent Plasma Programme? 

Blood plasma is a yellowish liquid that makes up about half your blood volume. After a virus, your plasma contains antibodies that help fight infection. A transfusion of plasma from someone who has recovered from coronavirus may help people who are still ill.

Trials are underway to understand the effectiveness of this treatment. Donated plasma is being stored so that if the trials show benefits to patients, there are stocks ready to use at hospitals around the country.

Visit the Operational delivery of the convalescent plasma project page on LINK for the most up to date information.

Resourcing and Onboarding

Since the NHSBT convalescent plasma (CVP) programme began, there has been significant activity undertaken to secure the right people and the right skills needed.

This was to build up capacity so that we can rapidly supply hospitals with plasma if the trial is shown to be effective. This has included building up a robust process to source, select and on-board colleagues run and maintained by the People Plasma Team.  

Processes have been put in place for recruiting colleagues for plasma sites and have now been extended for recruiting colleagues across whole blood sites as well. 

This means that the People Plasma Team now deal with any recruitment for Collection Nurses, Donor Care Supervisors, Donor Carers and Donor Care Administrators across all teams.

This page gives managers and colleagues information on how this process works and also details and guidance about each resource provider.

As well as this page, we also have a CVP and WB Resourcing site and Teams channel which holds all the latest updates and information: You can also look at our Frequently Asked Questions which are updated on a regular basis through these platforms.

Recruiting to a Vacancy

Any recruitment must be requested in the usual way of completing a Recruitment Request, stating whether this request is for business as usual or CVP. 

The People Plasma Team will feedback to the recruiting manager if request approved and what the next steps are.

What Source of Work are You Looking For?

NHS Professionals

Sanctuary Health – Nurses

Reed – Donor Carer staff

What Information Are You Looking For?

Training for Donor Carers and Nurses



IT Access for New Starters - A member of the People Directorate sends a daily list to IT to set up NHSBT accounts for new starters. This will need to be activated by them when they start at the Donor Centre and are able to access an NHSBT PC. 

Raising a Matter of Concern (Performance, Behavioural, Training)

CVP and WB Resourcing information site