How to recruit

If you are seeking to recruit to your team, the sections below outline the steps to follow as well as other options to consider:

  • Reviewing your vacancy

    Ensuring that the vacancy is right for what you are looking for and that it attracts the best candidates.

  • Advertising

    Tips and guidance on advertising your new vacancy.
  • Before Interview/Selection Day

    Guidance for your recruitment panel as well as interview questions and assessment forms.

  • Selection Methods

    Options for the best selection methods on the day of interview. E.g. Presentations, Skills Assessment and Work based tests.

  • Shortlisting

    Details and guidance on effective shortlisting for your vacancy.

  • Interview/Selection Day

    Information on what to do on the day of the interviews.

  • After interview/Selection Day

    Guidance on what to do once the interview process has finished.

  • Pre-appointment checks

    Guidance on what pre-appointment checks that are undertaken for the candidate that has been offered the role.

  • Offer contract and start dates

    After the pre-appointment checks are complete and are satisfactory, it's time to make a formal offer and start date to your candidate.