Offer Contact and Start Dates

When all pre-appointment checks have been satisfactorily completed, you will need to contact your new starter to agree a start date. 

Once you have notified your recruitment contact of the agreed start date we will issue your candidate with a final offer letter and contract of employment.  You can then start to plan for their arrival.  Information on what to do next can be found on the New Starters page

For external candidates, your recruitment contact will send you the new starter form prior to their start date. This must be completed with the new employee on their first day. If your new starter is an existing employee you will need to complete a Change to Contractual Details form*.  

Probationary Period

All employees new to NHSBT are required to satisfactorily complete a 6 month probationary period.

You will need to arrange a review at 1 month. This will be an opportunity for you both to reflect on their progress. There will be another review at 6 months. For full details around probationary periods, view the Induction and Probation page.

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