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BAME Recruitment Support Panel open day sessions - As part of our ongoing work towards creating a more representative workforce at all levels across NHSBT, the BAME Recruitment Support Panel initiative has been refreshed and we are looking for more BAME colleagues to join.

Pay Progression page: The NHS pay progression arrangements come into effect on 1st April. They outline the criteria employees must meet to move up the pay affecting step in their pay band. Support on what this means, guidance and further information can be found on the Pay Progression pages.

Coronavirus page: For the latest information regarding the Coronavirus, including current restrictions, FAQs and how you may be impacted. 

Wellbeing Support Available: information on the 2020 wellbeing Advent calendar, wellbeing support during Covid and other tools available to help you.

Our Voice 2020: For information around the Our Voice 2020 survey and the Corporate Actions agreed as a result of the recent survey responses.

Important Deadlines

  • Expenses and timesheets - all expenses and timesheet claims must be authorised by 10pm on the 8th of each month.
  • Changing bank details - bank details should be changed before the 15th of each month to be effective in the same month.
  • Support for Development - applications for funding over £900 can be submitted at any time. They will be considered annually, with a cut-off date for submission of applications of 31st March.
  • Sell Annual Leave - the sell leave window is closed - details of next window to be confirmed.  
  • Buy Annual Leave - the buy window for this year is closed - details of next window to be confirmed.

Systems Access

  • EASY - Manage annual leave, sickness and access to payslips.
  • MyESR - Manage mandatory training, personal information and view payslips.
  • Datix - Submit accident/near misses reports.
  • Knowledge - Access to frequently asked questions around HR, Pay, Wellbeing, Development and Recruitment.
  • Link - NHSBT's intranet for current news, initiatives and other information.
  • OH Assist - Access Occupation Health and make referrals. 
  • CTM Via DigiTS - Open a travel account for access to public transport tickets and accommodation.
  • Controlled Documents - Search for controlled documents.